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Spiritual Poetry

(These pieces of spiritual poetry are being used with the permission of their author.)

Every page is coded so you can email it to a friend. This is an excellent way of sharing an "Act of Forgiveness" or "Thanksgiving" with others.

A Child's Letter

Act Of Forgiveness

Addicted To God

Come To Me!

Consecration To Jesus

Divine Anchor

During Flagellation

Elevating The Holy Cross

His Last Breath

If The Truth Be Known

Jesus Had To Depart

Life Is Like A Boat


Mea Culpa

My Guardian

My Love To You

My Teddy Bear

Removing The Sacred Body

Seasoned By God

Secrets Of The Cross

Seeing Is Believing

Shouldering The Cross

Stand By Jesus

Strength In The Spirit


The Ascension

The Atonement

The Cross Of Love

The Last Supper

The Look Of Love

The Mocking Of Jesus

The Perfect Parent

The Spiritual Mystical Body

The Pain Of Love

Twinkling Faith

Violating The Sacred Body

When It Transpired

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