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I'm sorry that on account of my disgrace, Jesus:
Was betrayed by the apostles Judas; [Mark 14:44]
Had false witness declared against Him; [Mark 14:56]
Was condemned to death; was spit upon; [Mark 14:65]
Was repeatedly hit by the palms of hands; [Mark 14:65]
Was whipped, shedding His Sacred Blood; [Matt. 27:26]
Had a crown of thorns placed on His head; [John 19:2]
Was stripped of His clothing; [Matt. 27:28]
Was mocked as the King of Jews; [Matt. 27:29]
Was hit on the head with a reed; [Matt. 27:30]
Was mocked at by the bowing of knees before Him; [Mark 19-20]
Had lots cast for his vesture; [Matt. 27:35]
Was beat upon by the hands of the soldiers; [John 19:3]
Carried the ponderous cross of my sins; [John 19:17]
Had nails perforate His tender hands and feet; [John 19:18]
Was given a sponge full of vinegar to drink; [Mark 15:36]
Gave up His Spirit; died on the cross; [Luke 23:46]
And then had His side pierced with a spear. [John 19:34]
This venerable human sacrifice marked Divine love,
Defraying the ransom for my salvation.

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