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Having nailed Jesus to the Cross upon the ground,
The soldiers fastened ropes at the crossbar ends.

Irrespect of Jesus' agony while laying in pain,
They moved the base towards the upholding hole.

Bracing the foot of the Cross upon the aperture,
They elevated the Holy Cross while Jesus dangled,
Allowing the heavy cross to swerve back and forth.

As the Holy Cross raised to its ninety degree angle,
The bottom curtly dropped one and a half metre,
Lacerating the Divine flesh, muscles and tendons.

The spiked hands and feet began bleeding profoundly.

Rocks were hurled in the hole to stabilized the cross,
Being pounded in as the hole filled to its completion.

Then angled wooden pegs were affixed to prop the base.

Each strike of the hammer produced hard vibrations,
Jerking every nerve of the Immaculate Lamb of God.

Jesus' agonies were greater than scourging and death:
Each step involved a tremendous amount of pain!

Contemplate silently on the pain of the elevation,
Perceiving the sufferings Jesus endured for you!

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