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The symptom of being addicted to God
Originates from its cause, God Himself.
As a symptom, it is viewed as a 'disorder'
Because it opposes the physical nature.
The 'disorder' reflects the mind's obsession;
Excessively being preoccupied with God.
If you are addicted to God, fear not:
Take your cross and carry it.
This 'mark' is to be anticipated
As physical laws oppose spiritual laws.
Jesus never said the road would be easy:
In fact, he forewarned of persecution.
Fear not if you are obsessed with God's love.
When promoting His glory by singing, preaching,
Missionary work, writings, or publishing:
Jesus is on your side, walking with you.
Everything else is unimportant:
It is merely materialistic temptations.
Submit yourself to God's charisma:
Walk towards the burning everlasting love,
And stay addicted to God!

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