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Not being satisfied with inflicting flagellation,
The Roman soldiers were determined to mock Jesus.

They made a crown of thorny branches for His head.

Attempting to inflict Our Lord with embarrassment,
They stripped the Divine Lord Jesus of His clothing.

Then they put on Him a purple robe meant for a King.

As Jesus' clothing was pulled off His tender body,
The scourging scabs affixed to His robe were torn off,
Inflicting great anguish and renewed bleeding.

Then they placed in His right hand a staff-stick.

In mockery, they knelt before their Creator Jesus,
And said: "Long live the king of the Jews!"

While brusquely slapping Jesus and spitting on Him.

One Word from Jesus towards the celestial angels
And He could have ended their inhuman existence.

In further mockery they took the stick from Jesus,
And repeatedly hit Him on the crown of thorns.

Ending the mocking, they removed the robe from Him,
Putting Jesus' personal clothing back on Him.

May the mocking of Jesus always be remembered!
[Mt. 27:27-31; Mk. 15:19-20; Jn. 19:3]

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