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Condemned to death by those who were envious;
Guilty of having brought the truth into the world,
The soldiers set the cross on Jesus' shoulder,
Forcing Him to carry it to the Place of the Skull.

The lugging of the cross was to humiliate Him,
To show His followers that He was a powerless King.

Following Him were the women who cried and wailed.

In pain from the earlier inflicted flagellation
And now directed to drag uphill the large cross,
Jesus moved unsteadily, stumbling a few times.

Chosen by God to help Jesus sustain the burden,
Simon, a traveller arriving from the country,
Was ordered by the soldiers to bear the cross.

While Jesus strayed behind, He was pushed ahead,
Enduring the ongoing insults from His oppressors.

Treated as one would handle the worst of criminal,
Jesus endured His sufferings for the love of you!

Try carrying a load with your back all slashed up
And see how long you will tolerate the pain.

Then you will perceive what Jesus exerted for you!

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