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What do you get for only $19.95?

- You will get the complete mobile friendly website of Catholic Doors Ministry. As ofJanuary 4, 2017, the website has over 10,000 files (html & graphics) for a total of over 110,000,000 bytes. This represents 1,000's of typed pages of material.

- You will get the complete Holy Bible that is over 1,000 pages long. And the Words of Jesus are in red in the New Testament.

- You will get the complete outline of the Holy Bible.

- You will get the ebook "The Beautiful Teachings of the Catholic Church" that is over 500 pages long.

- You will get Sunday and Holy Day homilies, these covering all 3 Liturgical Cycles, A, B & C.

- You will get over 3,500 prayers that includes Blessings, Chaplets, Consecrations, Litanies, Marian Prayers, Novenas, Papal Prayers, Preface Prayers, and Prayers related to the Saints. At $19.95, these prayers alone cost you less than one cent each. You will not find a better deal elsewhere.

- You will get the list of hundreds of Christian names from which you can choose a name for your infant/child to be baptized.

- You will get the complete Catechism of the Catholic Church with easy cross-references.

- You will get a large assortment of Midi Music that you can listen to in the comfort of your home while being offline.

- You will get a large assortment of Liturgical graphics that were created by Catholic Doors Ministry.

- You will get dozens of Catholic Mouse Cursors that you can use on your computer.

- You will get dozens of Catholic Icons that you can use on the screen of your computer.

- You will get a large list of Marian Feasts that are celebrated throughout the world.

The above is but a small fraction of what you will get on your CD or DVD. If it is on the Catholic Doors Ministry website, it will be on your CD or DVD, whichever you order.

Most important of all, by ordering a copy, you will be supporting the continuation of this Spirit led ministry on the internet. Also, your support will be your indirect way of evangelizing on the internet.

Thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated!

Only $19.95 (Shipping/Handling included)

To Order by mail, please make your payment to:

Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK,
S7K 4R4, Canada

With your Order, you must include:

1. The fee of $19.95 (Shipping/Handling included). At this low price, I do not provide a discount;

2. Your clearly printed Name and Return Address;

3. If possible, please provide your email address in case I may have a question concerning your Order.

4. You must specify if you are ordering a CD or a DVD copy of the website.

5. Please note: Personal cheque must clear before the orders are processed. Such requires 4 to 6 weeks before your Order is shipped.

To increase the speed of processing your Order, please obtain either a Certified Cheque, a Bank Draft or an International Postal Money Order. (US Postal Money Order cannot be cashed in Canada. They are returned to the sender.)

For payment by Credit Card, please contact the office so you may be informed on how to go about processing your Order.

6. RE: REGISTERED MAIL: Do not send your Order by "Registered Mail." All mail is picked up in the evening when the counter service is closed. If you send your Order my Registered Mail, it will be returned to you because no one is available to pick up and sign for the mail during the day.

May God enrich all of you who shall order this spiritual treasure that will serve the purpose of supporting our ministry on the internet.

To submit your question, please send it to our:
(On the subject line: Indicate "Question.")

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