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Shhhhh! All are alerted by the quietness!
Suddenly melancholy is present in the air.

The brisk cool wind signals a change:
Transforming the overlay of the sky,
Delivering multiple shades of purple.

The dry air alters to unpleasant dampness.

A sudden clapping of thunders simultaneously
Strikes the heavens in all directions,
Illuminating the atmospheric deviation.

Vision is confined to abrupt enlightened forms.

The downpour parallels a waterfall.

The weight of one's drenched clothing is sensed,
Joining the torrential streams upon the feet.

Then the shrill yell of deliverance is heard,
Ensued by the stillness of silence.

The presence of guilt is successively detected,
Tingling the spine and trembling the body.

It is too late... History has been written!

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