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A private disciple and respected member of the council,
One who did not support the crucifixion of our Lord,
Joseph of Arimathea, of Judea, claimed the Body of Jesus.

With Nicodemus, they went to remove Jesus from the Cross.

Nicodemus brought 39 kilograms of burial spices,
A mixture of myrrh and aloes to prepare the Sacred Body,
This being done in accordance with the Jewish customs.

A ladder was leaned towards the back of the crossbar,
Permitting Joseph to climb and remove the first spike.

Detaching Jesus from the Cross was most difficult,
Considering the great respect held by the followers,
Not wanting Jesus' Body to dangle or tear further.

Having gently lowered Jesus' body to the ground,
Joseph laid and wrapped Jesus in the new linen sheet.

Then, they both carried Jesus to the tomb. [Matt. 27:57-60]

Jesus' body was prepared and laid to rest in peace,
This the last time Jesus was seen in his earthly form:
Then the large stone was rolled to seal the entrance.

Praise the Lord Jesus: His new life was beginning!

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