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Having been stripped of all His Divine dignity,
Jesus was laid upon the Holy Cross of salvation.

Two soldiers gripped His hand parallel to the crosspiece
While another nailed the first sacred hand with a spike.

As the long spike was driven through Jesus' palm,
He experienced the most atrocious pain ever felt.

The soldier continued to ruthlessly pound upon the spike,
Swiftly perforating the hand to penetrate the wood.

Each vicious hammer blow pressed the mutilated flesh,
Squeezing it between the spike and the perforated timber.

His fingers clutched inwardly as the nerves were severed.
The central bones of the metacarpus were shattered.

Jesus knew that He only had to command one single word
And celestial hosts would instantly set Him free.

For the redemption of mankind Jesus chose to undergo,
To manifest to what extent He would proceed for you:

By enduring the pain of love!

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