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Sooner or later, your secret will be known.
You may have one or more secrets,
You hope may never be found out.
If your secrets are lies.
Many signs will show they exist.
It is obvious you are uneasy.

The colour of the skin on your face may pale.
Your eyes may show rapid movement,
Or become watery from the fear of being discovered.
You will try to avoid eye contact.
The pattern of speech changes.
Your voice trembles while your jaw tenses.

Under stress, you may have shallow breath.
You may try to avoid and change the topic,
Or you may sing because you are nervous.
Your comments will clash.
You may play with your hair or bite your nails.
Your hands may shift about.

You perspire, for no obvious reason.
You may feel weak in the knees.
At night you may not sleep in peace,
For your morals will bother you.
You may think your secret is safe,
While you try to hide the signs your body is giving.

But God, knows your secrets.
His love has given you many signs.
Ask Him to forgive you and give you strength.
He will lift your burden of guilt,
And return your inner peace.
So the truth can be known.

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