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The appearance was that of a common social event,
Jesus gathered with His apostles for the Last Supper.

Bread and wine was served as in all festivities,
To be consecrated as an eternal memento of Divinity.

Jesus tried to conceal the sorrow that descended.

Among His beloved ones, He knew of the fate of Judas,
This a step towards His soon to come crucifixion.

The apostles were blind to the deliverance to come,
Celebrating in expectation of an earthly kingdom.

What Jesus had taught them remained mysterious,
Only to be revealed after the glorious Resurrection.

Surrounded by loyal friends, Jesus despaired alone,
Keeping with the Spirit of His Father in His heart,
While the apostles celebrated with great delight.

The apostles never envisaged what was to come,
The commemoration of the Last Supper by mankind,
Celebrated thousands of times daily by all nations.

The Last Supper was the end of a new beginning:
Jesus remains eternally in the Holy Eucharist!

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