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Catholic Doors Ministry operates from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Saskatoon is a city of about 250,000 citizens located in the central Province of Saskatchewan in Western Canada. Saskatchewan is surrounded by the United States in the South, the Province of Alberta in the West, the Northwest Territories in the North and the Province of Manitoba in the East.


Catholic Doors Ministry is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) as defined by Canada Revenue Agency under paragraph 149 (1)(1) of the Income Tax act. (A Non-Profit Organization is not the same as a Registered Charity. For clarification, please contact the webmaster.)

In August, 2009, Canada Revenue Agency completed an Audit of the Catholic Doors Ministry 2007 & 2008 Financial Statements with complete satisfaction. All was in order.


From 1998 to Spring 2004, the director of Catholic Doors Minister was Father Maurice Levesque, a Roman Catholic Diocesan priest of Saskatoon. Over and above administering the Church Sacraments on call throughout the Diocese and providing spiritual guidance to those in need, he undertook this worthwhile project for the glory of God.

As of 2004, the director of Catholic Doors Ministry is Jonn who is also the web designer of the website.


In August, 1998, Catholic Doors Ministry started to offer Bible Courses by correspondence on the internet. At the time, it was using free space made available on the internet.

On April 26, 1999, on the Feast of Our Lady of the Good Counsel, Catholic Doors Ministry registered its Domain Name.

On May 1, 1999, Catholic Doors Ministry had its new beginning under its new name.

On May 8, 1999, the first Saturday in the month of Mary, the Catholic Doors Ministry began to upload three dozen Catholic Sunday and Holy Days homilies as an aid to the world's 404,000 priests who minister the Word of God.

Since then, Catholic Doors Ministry has expanded in many other areas of spiritual material.


This Website is dedicated to the glory of God, the One and Only Almighty Lord who manifested Himself in Jesus Christ. "For in Him the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily." [Col. 2:9; NRSV]

The spiritual mandate of Catholic Doors Ministry is to present doorways to assist Christian pilgrims to spiritually grow in their faith, hope and charity through the gaining of knowledge and understanding of the Roman Catholic Church teachings.

To achieve this mandate, while keeping in mind that the level of spiritual growth from individual to individual may vary, the Catholic Doors Ministry offers a variety of services and spiritual material.

For the family, the children, the new converts, there are over 2,700 different prayers to choose from.

For the student, there is the complete Holy Bible with a search engine, Bible outlines, Bible history and many other tools to assist them in their Christian education.

For the priests, the deacons, the seminarians and those who are bedridden, Sunday and holy days homilies are made available weeks in advance.

To provide Catholics with the opportunity to share their Christian faith with others, a Chat Room has been provided. And a Forum has been added for those who wish to post notes regarding questions related to Catholic faith.

For those who, in accordance with the baptismal promise, wish to spread the Word of God on the Internet, website tools are provided free of charge to assist them in their new challenge. This includes a number of graphics, backgrounds, etc...

For those who wish to correspond with their loved ones, be it family or friends, they can send free of charge a Christian postcard. Choosing from over one hundred different postcards, these are perfect for supporting one another, celebrating the Sacraments, in time of loss, and just about anything imaginable.

For those who value the latest world developments in the Catholic Church, Catholic News Articles are updated by the hour, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, as they become available from over 250 newspapers.

These are just a few of the services that are provided to encourage individual Catholics to grow in their faith while displaying Christian love and charity towards others.

Where are we heading? We do not know! We allow the Spirit of Jesus to inspire us as to where we should move and continuously pray for assurance that we are on the right track, doing God's work for God.


Catholic Doors Ministry does not issue Income Tax Deductible Receipts for the contributions that it receives. (As a Non-Profit Organization, Catholic Doors Ministry is not entitled to issue Income Tax Receipts for its work.) Keeping with the teachings of Jesus, not to seek worldly rewards [Mt. 6:2], the spiritually minded contributors who support our ministry will receive their rewards in Heaven. This is the Christian's test of truly living his faith. By the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, those who wholeheartedly walk their living faith in the spiritual nature that they have received from Jesus, will be moved to become our financial and prayerful supporters as one in the Body of Christ.

Please direct all inquiries to:

Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK,
S7K 4R4, Canada



Catholic Doors Ministry wishes to thank all those who have assisted with the creation of this Website. This includes those who have done research, the writing, the editing, the web designing, the financial contributors and all those who have united their prayers to ours for the success of this project. May God reward them all abundantly.

Catholic Doors Ministry, while it functions within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon, SK, Canada, it is not a service that is offered by the Diocese. Catholic Doors Ministry is an independent ministry that functions within the Diocese without diocesan funding or personnel.

This work of love was started as a personal act of good works to promote the vastness of the spiritual treasures that are found in the Holy Catholic Church.

To submit your question, please send it to our:

(On the subject line: Indicate "FAQ" for "Frequently Asked Questions.")

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