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[Samuel Webbe, 1740-1816]

My soul gives glory to the Lord,
In God my saviour I rejoice.
My lowliness he did regard,
Exalting me by his own choice.

From this day all shall call me blest,
For he has done great things for me.
Of all great names his is the best,
For it is holy; strong is he.

His mercy goes to all who fear,
From age to age and to all parts.
His arm of strength to all is near;
He scatters those who have proud hearts.

He casts the mighty from their throne
And raises those of low degree;
He feeds the hungry as his own;
The rich depart in poverty.

He raised h is servant, Israel,
Rememb'ring his eternal grace,
As from of old h e did foretell
To Abraham and all his race.

O Father, Son, and Spirit blest,
In threefold Name are you adored;
To you be ev'ry prayer addrest,
From age to age the only Lord.

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