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Catholic Doors Ministry

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Catholic Doors Ministry, the largest Catholic website in Canada and one of the 10 most popular worldwide.

This is the website where you will find the meaning of Catholic abbreviations, the Bible chronology, Bible courses, Bible help, the Bible outlines, Bible quizs, Bible studies, the Holy Bible (Latin Vulgate), a list of the miracles Of Jesus & the parables Of Jesus, How to read the Bible in One Year.

How about sending a Free ECard or playing a non-violent games?

Do you need graphics for your website, check out the backgrounds, the coloured or embossed graphics, the hexcolor tool, the icons and the mouse cursors.

Do you want to join the mailing list so you can be informed monthly of all the latest updates? You are welcomed to do so. While doing so, check out the Guest Book and take a moment to sign it.

For your spiritual growth, check out the Sunday and Holy Days homilies. Also available is the Ordo so you may know learn about the upcoming Liturgical calendar.

While reviewing the liturgy, learn more about Advent, Christmas, Lent & Easter, General information, the Mass changes, the Holy Mass celebration and Information.

If Mariology is your interest, review the list of approved apparitions, information about Fatima, the Green Scapular, a complete list of Marian Feasts, How to Pray the Rosary, Marian songs and the Rosary on Mp3.

Under miscellaneous, you will find 23 Reasons to be a Catholic, Apologetics, the Beautiful Teachings of the Catholic Church, the Catechism, Christian Names, the article "Does God Speak To Us?", a list of EBooks, hundreds of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, Is It Catholic?, Knowing God, Poetry, Reflections, Information on Relics, Social Networks, Spiritual Discernment, Flu Precautions, Today's Cartoon, Catholic Videos, the Way of the Cross and World Religions.

You will also find information about the Mission in India that is supported by this ministry and how to send Mass Stipends to this mission.

Maybe you would like to relax and listen to Midi Sounds.

Are you looking for prayers? Check out the list of thousands of prayers on this website. There you will find blessings, chaplets, consecrations, English prayers, French prayers, Latin prayers, How to Pray, Litanies, Novena, Marian prayers, Papal prayers, prefaces and prayers of or to the Saints.

This is the website where you can forward your prayer intentions or join the hundreds of Praying Partners who will pray for your special need(s).

On the subject of the Sacraments, read regarding the Anointing Of The Sick, Communal Confession, Eucharistic Miracles, the Examination of Conscience, the Miracle at Consecration, the Rite of Baptism, the Sacrament of Baptism and the Sacrament of Marriage.

What do you know about the Saints and Martyrs? Learn about All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Help For Childless Mothers, the Josephian Rosary, the Jubilee Year Of St. Paul, Patron Saints, Patrons Of Illnesses, Patrons Of Countries, Roman Catholic Martyrs, and Saints of Canada.

Do you need the text for Catholic songs. Check out the collection of Christmas, French and Marian songs.

Finally, are you discerning your vocation to the priesthood or religious life? Do you need suggestions as to what religious Order to join? Check out the webpage of links to vocation directors. All of them will welcome you if you meet the criteria set by their religious Order.

And so, the above represents most of the content that is found on the website of Catholic Doors Ministry, a work of love that began in 1998 to help in the evangelization of the world. May this spiritual work be a blessing to you as it has been to the millions of visitors since its beginning.

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