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"A generous person will be enriched, and one who gives water will get water." [Proverbs 11:25]

- Do I trust in Divine Providence?

- Do I trust in the Lord Jesus to provide?

- Do I believe that the Lord blesses those who share their wealth with others?

- Do I share my wealth with others?

- Where did my wealth come from?

- Does my wealth depend entirely on my doing?

- Or does my wealth come as blessings from the Lord Jesus?

- When I shared my wealth in the past, was I not enriched shortly after?

- Do I doubt at time that the Lord rewards those who share their wealth with the needy?

- Am I one of those who rather share my wealth with animals versus needy human beings?

- Is an animal without a soul more important than a human being?

- How far am I willing to go to give to the needy?

- Would I sell everything I own and follow in the footstep of Jesus?

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