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"Now the serpent was more crafty than any other wild animal that the Lord God had made." [Gen. 3:1]

- Who created the serpent?

- Who does the serpent represent?

- Who put the serpent in the Garden?

- Was there a reason for putting the serpent in the Garden of Eden?

- If man had not sin in the Garden, would he have known the difference between good and evil? See Genesis 3:22

- Without sin, would man have known love versus hatred, cold versus warm, honesty versus lying, happiness versus sadness, companionship versus loneliness, good scents versus rotten scents, life versus death and murder, riches versus poverty, daylight versus darkness, etc...?

- If man could not enjoy both sides of everything (example: happiness/sadness), could he be human? Or would he be robotlike without feelings?

- Is there a benefit to having a free will?

- If you were God, and you had a choice, would you want your children to be like

you? _ Would you prefer they never experience hatred, cold, lying, sadness, loneliness, rotten scents, death, murder, poverty, darkness, etc...?

- If you chose that your children never experience the aforementioned list, how would you communicate with them regarding those experiences to which they would not be able to relate? You could not talk about loneliness because they could not feel loneliness, etc...

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