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"Nobody is forced to be a Catholic. If you choose to be one, you cannot pick and choose what to believe." [Homily of Bishop Nicola De Angelis of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada on June 6, 2010.]

- Do I refer to myself as a Catholic in good standing?

- Am I really a Catholic in good standing?

- Do I accept all of the Catholic Church's teachings without any exception?

- If appointed to a public office such as Mayor, alderman, statement, politician, in my representation of the people, do I have a right to promote laws that are against the teachings of the Catholic Church?

- Do nurses or doctors have a right to assist with abortions or euthanasia?

- Do priests or religious sisters have a right to promote teachings that are contrary to the Catholic faith?

- Am I a heretic? (A heretic is one who persistently denies a Catholic doctrine in spite of reason and an explanation of the teaching. A heresy is the belief of the heretic who opposes the divinely revealed teaching of the Catholic Church.)

- Have I been excommunicated because of my anti-Catholic beliefs? (A heretic is automatically excommunicated from the Catholic Church without the necessity of he/she being informed of the excommunication.)

- Do I have to take any actions to secure my status of good standing as a Catholic?

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