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In response to Webmasters' Newsletters that share the growing public concern as to how private information is used by those who receive it, Catholic Doors Ministry wishes to inform the public of its following practices...


All email received is treated with strict confidentiality. The Catholic Doors Ministry is not associated with any group, nor shares or sells its information, be it names or email addresses, for whatever purpose it may be. Only one person has access to email information, the manager of the website, ensuring that private information is kept highly confidential.

The Catholic Doors Ministry does not keep any of its email or other personal information on its website to ensure that hackers, programs that search email addresses or Search Engines that may access the public information on the website will not have access to personal information.


All entries in the Guest Book are entered with the consent of the sender. Only the name of the writer is entered in the Guest Book. The entering of email addresses was discontinued a number of years ago. When receiving Guest Book entries, they are verified to determine if the person who has signed it, agrees or does not agree to have the content released to the public in the Guest Book.

When the writer does not agree, the information is treated as # 1 above with strict confidence.

All those who sign the Guest Book and agree to have their personal comments disclosed, are personally contacted and informed when and where their entry in the Guest Book can be found on the Website. Should the writer seek a correction or an amendment, such is immediately applied.


Catholic Doors Ministry started advertising its Monthly Newsletter on May 14, 2000. As previously mentioned, all email addresses are kept in strict confidence by our ministry. They are not given, nor sold to anyone.


Prayer Requests are treated with strict confidence as mentioned in # 1 above. Names, email addresses and their content that may be highly sensitive, are secured to protect the identity of the writers and their personal information.


All back ups of personal information is secured in a private location on computer disk. When hard copies of any material is printed by the Director, such information is kept secured at an undisclosed location for accessibility.

The Director of Catholic Doors Ministry believes that he has a secure system in place to ensure that all private information is not disclosed to anyone for whatever reason.


Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

To submit your question, please send it to our:

(On the subject line: Indicate "FAQ" for "Frequently Asked Questions.")

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