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Most Holy, Immaculate Virgin and my Mother Mary!
To thee who art the Mother of my Lord,
the Queen of the world,
the Advocate, the Hope, and the Refuge of sinners,
I have recourse today,
I who am the most miserable of all.

I render thee my most humble homage,
O great Queen,
and I thank thee for all the graces thou hast conferred on me until now,
especially for having delivered me from Hell,
which I have so often deserved.
I love thee, O most amiable Lady;
and for the love which I bear thee,
I promise to serve thee always
and to do all in my power
to make others love thee also.
I place in thee all my hopes;
I confide my salvation to thy care.

Accept me for thy servant
and receive me under thy mantle,
O Mother of Mercy.
And since thou art so powerful with God,
deliver me from all temptations;
or rather, obtain for me the strength to triumph over them until death.
Of thee I ask a perfect love for Jesus Christ.
Through thee I hope to die a good death.
O my Mother, by the love which thou bearest to God,
I beseech thee to help me at all times,
but especially at the last moment of my life.
Leave me not, I beseech thee,
until thou seest me safe in Heaven,
blessing thee and singing thy mercies for all eternity.


Thus, I hope. Thus, may it be.

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