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Say one "Our Father..."

Say one "Hail Mary..."

0 Jesus! Only Son of the Father,
Splendor and Figure of His Substance,
remember the simple and humble recommendation
Thou didst make of Thy Soul to Thy Eternal Father,
saying: "Father, into Thy Hands I commend My Spirit!"
And with Thy Body all torn,
and Thy Heart Broken,
and the bowels of Thy Mercy open to redeem us,
Thou didst Expire.
By this Precious Death,
I beg of Thee 0 King of Saints,
comfort me and help me to resist the devil,
the flesh and the world,
so that being dead to the world I may live for Thee alone.
I beg of Thee at the hour of my death to receive me,
a pilgrim and an exile returning to Thee.


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