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Dear Saint Dominic,
you spent your short life totally for love of Jesus and His Mother.
Help youth today to realize the importance of God in their lives.
You became a saint through fervent participation in the sacraments,
enlighten parents and children
to the importance of frequent confession and Holy Communion.
At a young age you meditated on the sorrowful Passion of Our Lord.
Obtain for us the grace of a fervent desire to suffer for love of Him.

We desperately need your intercession to protect today's children
from the snares of the world.
Watch over them and lead them on the narrow road to Heaven.
Ask God to give us the grace to sanctify our daily duties
by performing them perfectly out of love for Him.
Remind us of the necessity of practicing virtue especially in times of trial.

Saint Dominic Savio,
you who preserved your Baptismal innocence of heart,
pray for us.

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