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Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ and also my Mother,
I offer to you all that I have:
my body, my intelligence, my heart, my will,
so that you help make my life a worthy offering to Christ.

You, who saw Jesus prepare Himself for his mission
and channel all his energies to do his Father's will,
grant that I have the vigor of his body,
the feelings of his heart,
the brilliance of his intellect,
and the determination of his will so that my life,
like His, could be given to the service of others.

May nothing which touches other humans leave me indifferent.
May I, in all situations and in every endeavor,
seek to develop my potential to the utmost,
so that I will be more prepared, tomorrow,
to make better known and better loved Him
who alone can give meaning to my life,
just as he gave meaning to yours,
Jesus Christ, your son, and my brother.


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