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(A.D. 576)
(Bishop of Auxerre)

O Most Honored One
We are poor in Divine gifts, O Mary,
but through you
we see the riches of kindness offered to us.
Therefore, we say with confidence:
the earth is full of the mercies of the Lord.
Rejected by God
because of the multitude of our sins,
through you we seek him out again,
rediscover him, and are saved.
Therefore, O Mother of God,
grant us your powerful help
so that we may attain salvation. And obtain for us the aid of your Son,
the sole Mediator necessary with God.
For your magnificence is infinite,
your goodness in helping the needy is inexhaustible,
and the number of your benefits is limitless.
No one achieves salvation except through you,
O Most Immaculate One!
No one receives grace except through you,
O Most Chaste One!
And no one obtains mercy except through you,
O Most Honored One!
Who would then fail to call you blessed?
I will call you,
who were enriched by your Son and God.
glorious and blessed,
and I will praise you with all generations.


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