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1:1-1:6 Israel Urged to Repent

1:7-1:17 First Vision: The Horsemen

1:18-1:21 Second Vision: The Horns and the Smiths

2:1-2:5 Third Vision: The Man with a Measuring Line

2:6-2:13 Interlude: An Appeal to the Exiles

3:1-3:10 Fourth Vision: Joshua and Satan

4:1-4:13 Fifth Vision: The Lampstand and Olive Trees

5:1-5:4 Sixth Vision: The Flying Scroll

5:5-5:11 Seventh Vision: The Woman in a Basket

6:1-6:8 Eight Vision: Four Chariots

6:9-6:15 The Coronation of the Branch

7:1-7:7 Hypocritical Fasting Condemned

7:8-7:14 Punishment for Rejecting God's Demands

8:1-8:17 God's Promise to Zion

8:18-8:19 Joyful Fasting

8:20-8:23 Many Peoples Drawn to Jerusalem

9:1-9:8 Judgment on Israel's Enemies

9:9-9:17 The Coming Ruler of God's People

10:1-11:3 Restoration of Judah and Israel

11:4-11:17 Two Kinds of Shepherds

12:1-12:9 Jerusalem's Victory

12:10-13:1 Mourning for the Pierced One

13:2-13:6 Idolatry Cut Off

13:7-13:9 The Shepherd Struck, the Flock Scattered

14:1-14:21 Future Warfare and Final Victory

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