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1:1-2:20 Exhortation to Uprightness

2:21-2:24 Error of the Wicked

3:1-3:9 The Destiny of the Righteous

3:10-3:13 The Destiny of the Ungodly

3:14-4:15 On Childlessness

4:16-4:19 The Triumph of the Righteous

4:20-5:14 The Final Judgment

5:15-5:23 The Reward of the Righteous

6:1-6:11 Kings Should Seek Wisdom

6:12-6:25 Description of Wisdom

7:1-7:6 Solomon Like Other Mortals

7:7-7:14 Solomon's Respect for Wisdom

7:15-7:22 Solomon Prays for Wisdom

7:22-8:1 The Nature of Wisdom

8:2-8:8 Solomon's Love for Wisdom

8:9-8:21 Wisdom Indispensible to Rulers

9:1-9:18 Solomon's Prayer for Wisdom

10:1-10:14 The Work of Wisdom from Adam to Moses

10:15-10:21 Wisdom Led the Israelites out of Egypt

11:1-11:14 Wisdom Led the Israelites through the Desert

11:15-11:20 Punishment fo the Wicked

11:21-12:2 God Is Powerful and Merciful

12:3-12:11 The Sins of Canaanites

12:12-12:18 God Is Sovereign

12:19-12:22 God's Lessons for Israel

12:23-12:27 The Punishment of the Egyptians

13:1-13:9 The Foolishness of Nature Worship

13:10-13:19 The Foolishness of Idolatry

14:1-14:11 Folly of a Navigator Praying to an Idol

14:12-14:31 The Origin and Evils of Idolatry

15:1-15:6 Benefits of Worshiping the True God

15:7-15:17 The Foolishness of Worshiping Clay Idols

15:18-16:14 Serpents in the Desert

16:15-16:19 Disastrous Storms Strike Egypt

16:20-16:29 The Israelites Receive Manna

17:1-17:21 Terror Strikes the Egyptians at Night

18:1-18:4 Light Shines on the Israelites

18:5-18:19 The Death of the Egyptian Firstborn

18:20-18:25 Threat of Annihilation in the Desert

19:1-19:5 The Red Sea

19:6-19:12 God Guides and Protects His People

19:13-19:17 The Punishment of the Egyptians

19:18-19:21 A New Harmony in Nature

19:22 Conclusion

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