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1:1-1:2 Introduction

1:3-1:9 Tobit's youth and Virtuous Life

1:10-1:15 Taken Captive to Nineveh

1:16-2:6 Courage in Burying the Dead

2:7-2:10 Tobit Becomes Blind

2:11-2:14 Tobit's Wife Earns Their Livelihood

3:1-3:6 Tobit's Prayer

3:7-3:9 Sarah Falsely Accused

3:10-3:15 Sarah's Prayer for Death

3:16-3:17 An Answer to Prayer

4:1-4:19 Tobit Gives Instructions to His Son

4:20-4:21 Money Left in Trust with Gabael

5:1-5:22 The Angel Raphael

6:1-6:9 Journey to Rages

6:10-6:18 Raphael's Instructions

7:1-9:9 Arrival at Home of Raguel

7:9-7:16 Marriage of Tobias and Sarah

8:1-8:18 Robias Routs the Demon

8:19-8:21 Wedding Feast

9:1-9:6 The Money Recovered

10:1-10:7 Anxiety of the Parents

10:7-10:13 Tobias and Sarah Start for Home

11:1-11:6 Homeward Journey

11:7-11:18 Tobit's Sight Restored

12:1-12:5 Raphael's Wages

12:6-12:10 Raphael's Exhortation

12:11-12:22 Raphael Discloses His Identity

13:1-13:17 Tobit's Thanksgiving to God

14:1-14:11 Tobit's Final Counsel

14:12-14:15 Death of Tobit and Anna

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