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1:1-1:8 Introduction and Salutation

1:9-1:20 A Vision of Christ

2:1-2:7 The Message to Ephesus

2:8-2:11 The Message to Smyrna

2:12-2:17 The Message to Pergamum

2:18-2:29 The Message to Thyatira

3:1-3:6 The Message to Sardis

3:7-3:13 The Message to Philadelphia

3:14-3:22 The Message to Laodicea

4:1-4:11 The Heavenly Worship

5:1-5:14 The Scroll and the Lamb

6:1-6:17 The Seven Seals

7:1-7:8 The 144,000 of Israel Sealed

7:9-7:17 The Multitude from Every Nation

8:1-8:5 The Seventh Seal and the Golden Censer

8:6-8:13 The Seven Trumpets

9:1-9:21 The Seven Trumpets

10:1-10:11 The Angel with the Little Scroll

11:1-11:14 The Two Witnesses

11:15-11:19 The Seventh Trumpet

12:1-12:6 The Woman and the Dragon

12:7-12:12 Michael Defeats the Dragon

12:13-12:17 The Dragon Fights Again on Earth

13:1-13:10 The First Beast

13:11-13:18 The Second Beast

14:1-14:5 The Lamb and the 144,000

14:6-14:13 The Messages of the Three Angels

14:14-14:20 Reaping the Eaerth's Harvest

15:1-15:8 The Angels with the Seven Last Plagues

16:1-16:21 The Bowls of God's Wrath

17:1-17:18 The Great Whore and the Beast

18:1-18:24 The Fall of Babylon

19:1-19:10 The Rejoicing in Heaven

19:11-19:21 The Rider on the White Horse

20:1-20:6 The Thousand Years

20:7-20:10 Satan's Doom

20:11-20:15 The Dead Are Judged

21:1-21:8 The New Heaven and the New Earth

21:9-21:27 Vision of the New Jerusalem

22:1-22:7 The River of Life

22:8-22:21 Epilogue and Benediction

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