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1:1-1:17 The Burnt Offering

2:1-2:16 Grain Offerings

3:1-3:17 Offerings of Well-Being

4:1-5:13 Sin Offerings

5:14-6:7 Offerings with Restitution

6:8-7:10 Instructions concerning Sacrifice

7:11-7:38 Further Instructions

8:1-8:36 The Rites of Ordination

9:1-9:24 Aaron's Priesthoood Inaugurated

10:1-10:20 Nadah and Abihu

11:1-11:23 Clean and Unclean Foods

11:24-11:47 Unclean Animals

12:1-12:8 Purification of Women after Childbirth

13:1-13:59 Leprosy, Varieties and Symptoms

14:1-14:57 Purification of Lepers and Leprous Houses

15:1-15:33 Concerning Bodily Discharges

16:1-16:34 The Day of Atonement

17:1-17:9 The Slaughtering of Animals

17:10-17:16 Eating Blood Prohibited

18:1-18:30 Sexual Relations

19:1-19:27 Ritual and Moral Holiness

20:1-20:27 Penalties for Violations of Holiness

21:1-21:24 The Holiness of Priests

22:1-22:16 The Use of Holy Offerings

22:17-22:33 Acceptable Offerings

23:1-23:8 Appointed Festivals

23:9-23:14 The Coming of First Fruits

23:15-23:22 The Festival of Weeks

23:23-23:25 The Festival of Trumpets

23:26-23:32 The Day of Atonement

23:33-23:44 The Festival of Booths

24:1-24:4 The Lamp

24:5-24:9 The Bread for the Tabernacle

24:10-24:23 Blasphemy and Its Punishment

25:1-25:7 Sabbatical Year

25:8-25:55 The Year of Jubilee

26:1-26:13 Rewards for Obedience

26:14-26:46 Penalties for Disobedience

27:1-27:34 Votive Offerings

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