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1:1-1:6 Arphaxad Fortifies Ecbatana

1:7-1:12 Nebuchadnezzar Issues Ultimatum

1:13-1:16 Arphaxad Is Defeated

2:1-2:13 The Expedition against the West

2:14-2:28 Campaign of Holofernes

3:1-3:10 Entreaties for Peace

4:1-4:7 Judea on the Alert

4:8-4:15 Prayer and Penance

5:1-5:4 Council against the Israelites

5:5-5:24 Achior's Report

6:1-6:21 Achior Handed over to the Israelites

7:1-7:18 The Campaign against Bethulia

7:19-7:32 The Distress of the Israelites

8:1-8:8 The Character of Judith

8:9-8:36 Judith and the Elderss

9:1-9:14 The Prayer of Judith

10:1-10:10 Judith Preparess to Go to Holofernes

10:11-10:19 Judith is Captured

10:20-11:4 Judith Is Brought before Holofernes

11:5-11:23 Judith Explains Her Presence

12:1-12:9 Judith as a Guest of Holofernes

12:10-12:20 Judith Attends Holofernes' Banquet

13:1-13:10 Judith Beheads Holofernes

13:10-13:20 Judith Returns to Bethulia

14:1-14:10 Judith's Counsel

14:11-14:19 Holofernes' Death Is Discovered

15:1-15:7 The Assyrians Flee in Panic

15:8-15:14 The Israelites Celebrate Their Victory

16:1-16:20 Judith Offers Her Hymn of Praise

16:21-16:25 The Renown and Death of Judith

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