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1:1-1:20 The Wickedness of Judah

1:21-1:31 The Degenerate City

2:1-2:4 The Future House of God

2:5-4:1 Judgment pronounced on arrogance

4:2-4:6 The Future Glory of the Survivors of Zion

5:1-5:7 The Song of the Unfaithful Vineyard

5:8-5:23 Social Injustice Denounced

5:24-5:30 Foreign Invasion Predicted

6:1-6:13 A Vision of God in the Temple

7:1-7:9 Isaiah Reassures King Ahaz

7:10-7:25 Isaiah Gives Ahaz the Sign of Immanuel

8:1-8:15 Isaiah's Son a Sign of the Assyrian Invasion

8:16-8:22 Disciples of Isaiah

9:1-9:7 The Righteous Reign of the Coming King

9:8-10:4 Judgment on Arrogance and Oppression

10:5-10:19 Arrogant Assyria Also Judged

10:20-10:34 The Repentant Remnant of Israel

11:1-11:9 The Peaceful Kingdom

11:10-11:16 Return of the Remnant of Israel and Judah

12:1-12:6 Thanksgiving and Praise

13:1-13:22 Proclamation against Babylon

14:1-14:2 Restoration of Judah

14:3-14:23 Downfall of the King of Babylon

14:24-14:27 An Oracle concerning Assyria

14:28-14:32 An Oracle concerning Philistia

15:1-16:14 An Oracle concerning Moab

17:1-17:14 An Oracle concerning Damascus

18:1-18:7 An Oracle concerning Ethiopia

19:1-19:17 An Oracle concerning Egypt

19:18-19:25 Egypt, Assyria, and Israel Blessed

20:1-20:6 Isaiah Dramatizes the Conquest of Egypt and Ethiopia

21:1-21:17 Oracles concerning Babylon, Edom, and Arabia

22:1-22:14 A Warning of Destruction of Jerusalem

22:15-22:25 Denunciation of Self-Seeking Officials

23:1-23:18 An Oracle concerning Tyre

24:1-24:23 Impending Judgment on the Earth

25:1-25:12 Praise for Deliverance from Oppression

26:1-26:21 Judah's Song of Victory

27:1-27:13 Israel's Redemption

28:1-28:29 Judgment on Corrupt Rulers, Priests, and Prophets

29:1-29:16 The Siege of Jerusalem

29:17-29:24 Hope for the Future

30:1-30:7 The Futility of Reliance on Egypt

30:8-30:17 A Rebellious People

30:18-30:26 God's Promise to Zion

30:27-30:33 Judgment on Assyria

31:1-31:9 Alliance with Egypt Is Futile

32:1-32:8 Government with Justice Predicted

32:9-32:15 Complacent Women Warned of Disaster

32:16-32:20 The Peace of God's Reign

33:1-33:16 A Prophecy of Deliverance From Foes

33:17-33:24 The Land of the Majestic King

34:1-34:17 Judgment on the Nations

35:1-35:10 The Return of the Redeemed to Zion

36:1-36:22 Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem

37:1-37:13 Hezekiah Consults Isaiah

37:14-37:35 Hezekiah's Prayer

37:36-37:38 Sennacherib's Defeat and Death

38:1-38:22 Hezekiah's Illness

39:1-39:8 Envoys from Babylon Welcomed

40:1-40:31 God's People Are Comforted

41:1-41:20 Israel Assured of God's Help

41:21-41:29 The Futility of Idols

42:1-42:9 The Servant, a Light to the Nations

42:10-42:25 A Hymn of Praise

43:1-43:28 Restoration and Protection Promised

44:1-44:8 God's Blessing on Israel

44:9-44:20 The Absurdity of Idol Worship

44:21-44:28 Israel Is Not Forgotten

45:1-45:19 Cyrus, God's Instrument

45:20-46:13 Idols Cannot Save Babylon

47:1-47:15 The Humiliation of Babylon

48:1-48:22 God the Creator and Redeemer

49:1-49:7 The Servant's Mission

49:8-50:3 Zion's Children to Be Brought Home

50:4-50:11 The Servant's Humiliation and Vindication

51:1-51:23 Blessings in Store for God's People

52:1-52:12 Let Zion Rejoice

52:13-53:12 The Suffering Servant

54:1-54:17 The Eternal Covenant of Peace

55:1-55:13 An Invitation to Abundant Life

56:1-56:8 The Covenant Extended to All Who Obey

56:9-56:12 The Corruption of Israel's Rulers

57:1-57:13 Israel's Futile Idolatry

57:14-57:21 A Promise of Help and Healing

58:1-58:14 False and True Worship

59:1-59:20 Injustice and Oppression to Be Punished

60:1-60:18 The Ingathering of the Dispersed

60:19-60:22 God the Glory of Zion

61:1-61:11 The Good News of Deliverance

62:1-62:12 The Vindication and Salvation of Zion

63:1-63:6 Vengeance on Edom

63:7-63:14 God's Mercy Remembered

63:15-64:12 A Prayer of Penitence

65:1-65:16 The Righteousness of God's Judgment

65:17-65:25 The Glorious New Creation

66:1-66:4 The Worship God Demands

66:5-66:13 The Lord Vindicates Zion

66:14-66:24 The Reign and Indignation of God

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