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1:1-1:28 The Vision of the Chariot

2:1-3:11 The Vision of the Scroll

3:12-3:21 Ezekiel at the River Chebar

3:22-3:27 Ezekiel Isolated and Silenced

4:1-4:17 The Siege of Jerusalem Portrayed

5:1-5:17 A Sword against Jerusalem

6:1-6:14 Judgment on Idolatrous Israel

7:1-7:27 Impending Disaster

8:1-8:18 Abominations in the Temple

9:1-9:11 The Slaughter of the Idolaters

10:1-10:22 God's Glory Leaves Jerusalem

11:1-11:13 Judgment on Wicked Counsellors

11:14-11:25 God Will Restore Israel

12:1-12:16 Judah's Captivity Portrayed

12:17-12:28 Judgment Not Postponed

13:1-13:23 False Prophets Condemned

14:1-14:23 God's Judgments Justified

15:1-15:8 The Useless Vine

16:1-16:58 God's Faithless Bride

16:59-16:63 An Everlasting Covenant

17:1-17:21 The Two Eagles and the Vine

17:22-17:24 Israel Exalted at Last

18:1-18:32 Individual Retribution

19:1-19:14 Israel Degraded

20:1-20:32 Israel's Continuing Rebellion

20:33-20:44 God Will Restore Israel

20:45-20:49 A Prophecy against he Negeb

21:1-21:32 The Drawn Sword of God

22:1-22:31 The Bloody City

23:1-23:49 Oholah and Oholibah

24:1-24:14 The Boiling Pot

24:15-24:27 Ezekiel's Bereavement

25:1-25:7 Proclamation against Ammon

25:8-25:11 Proclamation against Moab

25:12-25:14 Proclamation against Edom

25:15-25:17 Proclamation against Philistia

26:1-26:21 Proclamation against Tyre

27:1-27:36 Lamentation over Tyre

28:1-28:10 Proclamation against the King of Tyre

28:11-28:19 Lamentation over King of Tyre

28:20-28:24 Proclamation against Sidon

28:25-28:26 Future Blessing for Israel

29:1-29:16 Proclamation against Egypt

29:17-29:21 Babylonia Will Plunder Egypt

30:1-30:19 Lamentation for Egypt

30:20-30:26 Proclamation against Pharaoh

31:1-31:18 The Lofty Cedar

32:1-32:16 Lamentation over Pharaoh and Egypt

32:17-32:32 Dirge over Egypt

33:1-33:9 Ezekiel Israel's Sentry

33:10-33:20 God's Justice and Mercy

33:21-33:22 The Fall of Jerusalem

33:23-33:33 The Survivors in Judah

34:1-34:10 Israel's False Shepherds

34:11-34:31 God, the True Shepherd

35:1-35:15 Judgment on Mount Seir

36:1-36:15 Blessing on Israel

36:16-36:38 The Renewal of Israel

37:1-37:14 The Valley of Dry Bones

37:15-37:28 The Two Sticks

38:1-38:16 Invasion by Gog

38:17-38:23 Judgment on Gog

39:1-39:10 God's Armies Destroyed

39:11-39:20 The Burial of Gog

39:21-39:29 Israel Restored to the Land

40:1-40:47 The Vision of the New Temple

40:48-41:26 The Temple

42:1-42:20 The Holy Chambers and the Outer Wall

43:1-43:12 The Divine Glory Returns to the Temple

43:13-43:27 The Altar

44:1-44:3 The Closed Gate

44:4-44:14 Admission to the Temple

44:15-44:31 The Levitical Priests

45:1-45:9 The Holy Distinct

45:10-45:12 Weights and Measures

45:13-45:17 Offerings

45:18-45:25 Festivals

46:1-45:24 Miscellaneous Regulations

47:1-47:12 Water Flowing from the Temple

47:13-47:23 The New Boundaries of the Lord

48:1-48:35 The Tribal Portions

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