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1:1-1:8 Events at Horeb Recalled

1:9-1:18 Appointment of Tribal Leaders

1:19-1:33 Israel's Refusal to Enter the Land

1:34-1:45 The Penalty for Israel's Rebellion

2:1-2:25 The Desert Years

2:26-2:37 Defeat of King Sihon

3:1-3:22 Defeat of King Og

3:23-3:29 Moses Views Canaan from Pisgah

4:1-4:40 Moses Commands Obedience

4:41-4:43 Cities of Refuge East of the Jordan

4:44-4:49 Transition to the Second Address

5:1-5:21 The Ten Commandments

5:22-5:33 Moses the Mediator of God's Will

6:1-6:9 The Great Commandment

6:10-6:25 Caution against Disobedience

7:1-7:11 A Chosen People

7:12-7:26 Blessings for Obedience

8:1-8:20 A Warning Not to Forget God in Prosperity

9:1-9:29 The Consequences of Rebelling against God

10:1-10:22 The Essence of the Law

11:1-11:32 Rewards for Obedience

12:1-12:12 Pagan Shrines to Be Destroyed

12:13-12:28 A Prescribed Place of Worship

12:29-13:18 Warning against Idolatry

14:1-14:2 Pagan Practices Forbidden

14:3-14:21 Clean and Unclean Foods

14:22-14:29 Regulations concerning Tithes

15:1-15:18 Laws concerning the Sabbatical Year

15:19-15:23 The Firstborn of Livestock

16:1-16:8 The Passover Reviewed

16:9-16:12 The Festival of Weeks Reviewed

16:13-16:17 The Festival of Booths Reviewed

16:18-16:20 Municipal Judges and Officers

16:29-17:7 Forbidden Forms of Worship

17:8-17:13 Legal Decisions by Priests and Judges

17:14-17:20 Limitations of Royal Authority

18:1-18:8 Privileges of Priests and Levites

18:9-18:14 Child Sacrifice, Divination, and Magic Prohibited

18:15-18:22 A New Prophet Like Moses

19:1-19:13 Laws concerning the Cities of Refuge

19:14 Property Boundaries

19:15-19:21 Law concerning Witnesses

20:1-20:20 Rules of Warfare

21:1-21:9 Law concerning Murder by Persons Unknown

21:10-21:14 Female Captives

21:15-21:17 The Right of the Firstborn

21:18-21:21 Rebellious Children

21:22-22:12 Miscellaneous Laws

22:13-22:30 Laws concerning Sexual Relations

23:1-23:8 Those Excluded from the Assembly

23:9-23:25 Sanitary, Ritual, and Humanitarian Precepts

24:1-24:4 Laws concerning Marriage and Divorce

24:5-25:4 Miscellaneous Laws

25:5-25:10 Levirate Marriage

25:11-25:19 Various Commands

26:1-26:15 First Fruits and Tithes

26:16-26:19 Concluding Exhortation

27:1-27:10 The Inscribed Stones and Altar on Mount Ebal

27:11-27:26 Twelve Curses

28:1-28:14 Blessings for Obedience

28:15-29:1 Warnings against Disobedience

29:2-29:29 The Covenant Renewed in Moab

30:1-30:10 God's Fidelity Assured

30:11-30:20 Exhortation to Choose Life

31:1-31:8 Joshua Becomes Moses' Successor

31:9-31:13 The Law to Be Read Every Seventh Year

31:14-31:29 Moses and Joshua Receive God's Charge

32:1-32:47 The Song of Moses

32:48-32:52 Moses' Death Foretold

33:1-33:29 Moses' Final Blessing on Israel

34:1-34:12 Moses Dies and Is Buried in the Land of Moab

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