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1:1-1:16 Elijah Denounces Ahaziah

1:17-1:18 Death of Ahaziah

2:1-2:12 Elijah Ascends to Heaven

2:13-2:18 Elisha Succeeds Elijah

2:19-2:25 Elisha Performs Miracles

3:1-3:3 Jehoram Reigns over Israel

3:4-3:27 War with Moab

4:1-4:7 Elisha and the Widow's Oil

4:8-4:37 Elisha Raises the Shunammite's Son

4:38-4:41 Elisha Purifies the Pot of Stew

4:42-4:44 Elisha Feeds One Hundred Men

5:1-5:19 The Healing of Naaman

5:20-5:27 Gehazi's Greed

6:1-6:23 The Miracle of the Ax Head

6:24-7:2 Ben-hadad's Siege of Samaria

7:3-7:20 The Arameans Flee

8:1-8:6 The Shunammite Woman's Land Restored

8:7-8:15 Death of Benhadad

8:16-8:24 Jehoram Reigns over Judah

8:25-8:29 Ahaziah Reigns over Judah

9:1-9:13 Anointing of Jehu

9:14-9:26 Joram of Israel Killed

9:27-9:29 Ahaziah of Judah Killed

9:30-9:37 Jezebel's Violent Death

10:1-10:17 Massacre of Ahab's Descendants

10:18-10:31 Slaughter of Worshipers of Baal

10:32-10:36 Death of Jehu

11:1-11:3 Athaliah Reigns over Judah

11:4-11:12 Jehoiada Anoints the Child Joash

11:13-11:21 Death of Athaliah

12:1-12:16 The Temple Repaired

12:17-12:18 Hazael Threatens Jerusalem

12:19-12:21 Death of Joash

13:1-13:9 Jehoahaz Reigns over Israel

13:10-13:13 Jehoash Reigns over Israel

13:14-13:21 Death of Elisha

13:22-13:25 Israel Recaptures Cities from Aram

14:1-14:29 Amaziah Reigns over Judah

15:1-15:7 Azariah Reigns over Judah

15:8-15:12 Zechariah Reigns over Israel

15:13-15:16 Shallum Reigns over Israel

15:17-15:22 Menahem Reigns over Israel

15:23-15:26 Pekahiah Reigns over Israel

15:27-15:31 Pekah Reigns over Israel

15:32-15:38 Jotham Reigns over Judah

16:1-16:20 Ahaz Reigns over Judah

17:1-17:4 Hoshea Reigns over Israel

17:5-17:23 Israel Carried Captive to Assyria

17:24-17:41 Assyria Resettles Samaria

18:1-18:12 Hezekiah's Reign over Judah

18:13-18:37 Sennacherib Invades Judah

19:1-19:7 Hezekiah Consults Isaiah

19:8-19:13 Sennacherib's Threat

19:14-19:34 Hezekiah's Prayer

19:35-19:37 Sennacherib's Defeat and Death

20:1-20:11 Hezekiah's Illness

20:12-20:19 Envoys from Babylon

20:20-20:21 Death of Hezekiah

21:1-21:18 Manasseh Reigns over Judah

21:19-21:26 Amon Reigns over Judah

22:1-22:2 Josiah Reigns over Judah

22:3-22:20 Hilkiah Finds the Book of the Law

23:1-23:20 Josiah's Reformation

23:21-23:27 The Passover Celebrated

23:28-23:30 Josiah Dies in Battle

23:31-23:35 Reign and Captivity of Jehoahaz

23:36-23:37 Jeholakim Reigns over Judah

24:1-24:7 Judah Overrun by Enemies

24:8-24:12 Reign and Captivity of Jeholachin

24:13-24:17 Capture of Jerusalem

24:18-24:20 Zedekiah Reigns over Judah

25:1-25:21 The Fall and Captivity of Judah

25:22-25:26 Gedaliah Made Governor of Judah

25:27-25:30 Jeholachin Released from Prison

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