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1:1-1:13 Solomon Requests Wisdom

1:14-1:17 Solomon's Military and Commercial Activity

2:1-2:2 Preparations for Building the Temple

2:3-2:18 Alliance for Building the Temple

3:1-3:17 Solomon Builds the Temple

4:1-5:1 Furnishings of the Temple

5:2-5:14 The Ark Brought into the Temple

6:1-6:11 Dedication of the Temple

6:12-6:42 Solomon's Prayer of Dedication

7:1-7:11 Solomon Dedicates the Temple

7:12-7:22 God's Second Appearance to Solomon

8:1-8:18 Various Activities of Solomon

9:1-9:12 Visit of the Queen of Sheba

9:13-9:28 Solomon's Great Wealth

9:29-9:31 Death of Solomon

10:1-10:19 The Revolt against Rehoboam

11:1-11:12 Judah and Benjamin Fortified

11:13-11:17 Priests and Levites Support Rehoboam

11:18-11:23 Rehoboam's Marriages

12:1-12:12 Egypt Attacks Judah

12:13-12:16 Death of Rehoboam

13:1-13:22 Abijah Reigns over Judah

14:1-14:8 Asa Reigns

14:9-15:19 Ethiopian Invasion Repulsed

16:1-16:10 Alliance with Aram Condemned

16:11-16:14 Asa's Disease and Death

17:10-17:19 Jehoshaphat's Reign

18:1-18:27 Micaiah Predicts Failure

18:28-19:3 Defeat and Death of Ahab

19:4-19:11 The Reforms of Jehoshphat

20:1-20:4 Invasion from the East

20:5-20:30 Jehoshaphat's Prayer and Victory

20:31-20:37 The End of Jehoshaphat's Reign

21:1-21:7 Jehoram's Reign

21:8-21:10 Revolt of Edom

21:11-21:17 Elijah's Letter

21:18-21:20 Disease and Death of Jehoram

22:1-22:9 Ahaziah's Reign

22:10-23:7 Athaliah Seizes the Throne

23:8-23:11 Joash Crowned King

23:12-23:21 Athaliah Murdered

24:1-24:14 Joash Repairs the Temple

24:15-24:22 Apostasy of Joash

24:23-24:27 Death of Joash

25:1-25:4 Reign of Amaziah

25:5-25:16 Slaughter of the Edomites

25:17-25:24 Israel Defeats Judah

25:25-25:28 Death of Amaziah

26:1-26:15 Reign of Uzziah

26:16-26:23 Pride and Apostasy

27:1-27:9 Reign of Jotham

28:1-28:4 Reign of Ahaz

28:5-28:7 Aram and Israel Defeat Judah

28:8-28:15 Intervention of Oded

28:16-28:21 Assyria Refuses to Help Judah

28:22-28:27 Apostasy and Death of Ahaz

29:1-29:2 Reign of Hezekiah

29:3-29:19 The Temple Cleansed

29:20-29:36 Temple Worship Restored

30:1-30:27 The Great Passover

31:1-31:10 Pagan Shrines Destroyed

31:11-31:21 Reorganization of Priests and Levitess

32:1-32:19 Sennacherib's Invasion

32:20-32:23 Sennacherib's Defeat and Death

32:24-32:26 Hezekiah's Sickness

32:27-32:33 Hezekiah's Prosperity and Achievements

33:1-33:9 Reign of Monasseh

33:10-33:17 Manasseh Restored after Repentance

33:18-33:20 Death of Manasseh

33:21-33:25 Amon's Reign and Death

34:1-34:7 Reign of Josiah

34:8-34:21 Discovery of the Book of the Law

34:22-34:28 The Prophet Huldah Consulted

34:29-34:33 The Covenant Renewed

35:1-35:19 Celebration of the Passover

35:20-35:27 Defeat by Pharaoh Neco and Death of Josiah

36:1-36:4 Reign of Jehoahaz

36:5-36:8 Reign and Captivity of Jehoiakim

36:9-36:10 Reign and Captivity of Jehoiachin

36:11-36:14 Reign of Zedekiah

36:15-36:21 The Fall of Jerusalem

36:22-36:23 Cyrus Proclaims Liberty for the Exiles

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