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1:1-1:9 Alexander the Great

1:10-1:15 Antiochus Epiphanes and Renegade Jews

1:16-1:19 Antiochus in Egypt

1:20-1:28 Persecution of the Jews

1:29-1:40 The Occupation of Jerusalem

1:41-1:64 Installation of Gentile Cults

2:1-2:14 Mattathias and His Sons

2:15-2:41 Pagan Worship Refused

2:42-2:48 Counter Attack

2:49-2:70 The Last Words of Mattathias

3:1-3:26 The Early Victories of Judas

3:27-3:37 The Policy of Antiochus

3:38-3:60 Preparations for Battle

4:1-4:25 The Battle at Emmaus

4:26-4:35 First Campaign of Lysias

4:36-4:61 Cleansing and Dedication of the Temple

5:1-5:8 Wars with Neighboring Peoples

5:9-5:23 Liberation of Galilean Jews

5:24-5:44 Judas and Jonathan in Gilead

5:45-5:64 The Return of Jerusalem

5:65-5:67 Success at Hebron and Philistia

6:1-6:17 The Last Days of Antiochus Epiphanes

6:18-6:31 Renewed Attacks from Syria

6:32-6:47 The Battle at Bethzechariah

6:48-6:54 The Siege of the Temple

6:55-6:63 Syria Offers Termss

7:1-7:25 Expedition of Bacchides and Alcimus

7:26-7:32 Nicanor in Judea

7:33-7:50 Nicanor Threatens the Temple

8:1-8:16 A Eulogy of the Romans

8:17-8:32 An Alliance with Rome

9:1-9:10 Bacchides Returns to Judea

9:11-9:22 The Last Battle of Judas

9:23-9:31 Jonathan Succeeds Judas

9:32-9:49 The Campaigns of Jonathan

9:50-9:57 Bacchides Builds Fortification

9:58-9:73 The End of the War

10:1-10:17 Revolt of Alexander Epiphanes

10:18-10:25 Jonathan Becomes High Priest

10:26-10:45 A Letter from Demetrius to Jonathan

10:46-10:50 Death of Demetrius

10:51-10:66 Treaty of Ptolemny and Alexander

10:67-10:89 Appollonius Is Defeated by Jonathan

11:1-11:19 Ptolemny Invades Syria

11:20-11:37 Jonathan's Diplomacy

11:38-11:53 The Intrigue of Trypho

11:54-11:59 Trypho Seizes Power

11:60-11:74 Campaigns of Jonathan and Simon

12:1-12:23 Alliances with Rome and Sparta

12:24-12:38 Further Campaigns of Jonathan and Simon

12:39-12:53 Trypho Captures Jonathan

13:1-13:11 Simon Takes Command

13:12-13:24 Deceit and Treachery of Trypho

13:25-13:30 Jonathan's Tomb

13:31-13:42 Judea Gains Independence

13:43-13:48 The Capture of Gazara by Simon

13:49-13:53 Simon Regains the Citadel at Jerusalem

14:1-14:3 Capture of Demetrius

14:4-14:15 Eulogy of Simon

14:16-14:24 Diplomacy with Rome and Sparta

14:15-14:49 Official Honors for Simon

15:1-15:14 Letter of Antiochus VII

15:15-15:24 Rome Supports the Jews

15:25-15:36 Antiochus VII Threatens Simon

15:37-16:10 Victory over Cendebeus

16:11-16:17 Murder of Simon and His Sons

16:18-16:24 John Succeeds Simon

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