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TODAY'S (unofficial) MARTYRS
(Catholic Victims Of Violence.)

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[This webpage is in memory of our Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ who have shed their blood for the Catholic Faith, having persevered in Christlikeness until the end. May the peace and joy of the Heavenly Kingdom be theirs for eternity.]

(Please report any errors or omissions by contacting us at our Email Address.)

2003/12/29, Archbishop Michael Courtney from Ireland, aged 58, Apostolic Nuncio in Burundi, was mortally wounded in his car during an ambush at Minago, 50 km south of the capital Bujumbura. Other persons travelling with him were also wounded, whereas the Archbishop died of his injuries at Bujumbura hospital.

2003/12/25, Brother Anton Probst, aged 68, from Germany, a Claretian Missionary, was killed on Christmas Eve at Akono Novitiate, in Cameroon. After midnight Mass as he returned to his room, he met with thieves who gagged and bound him and beat him to death. He came to Cameroon 11 years before, after spending 24 years on mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

2003/12/14, Rev. José Maria Ruiz Furlan, aged 69, from Guatemala, was shot dead at his parish in the poor district of Guatemala City. He was known to be a passionate human rights activist and for his work to improve the living conditions of the poor.

2003/11/14, Rev. José Rubín Rodríguez from Colombia, aged 51, parish priest at La Salina, Casanare, (Colombia) was kidnapped and murdered in a rural area Tame, Arauca, (Colombia). His body was found a week later on 21 November.

2003/11/03, Rev. Henry Humberto López Cruz from Tolima (Lebanon), aged 44, parish priest at Villavicencio, main town of the central Colombian region of Meta, was stabbed to death in the parish house during the night. His body, tied to a chair, was found the next day by a cleaning woman.

2003/11/03, Rev. Saulo Carreño, aged 38, from Colombia, parish priest at Saravena, Arauca, (Colombia), was shot dead in his car. A hospital worker travelling with him, Maritza Linares, was also killed probably by outlaws fighting for control of this oil-rich area, near Sarare hospital on the Saravena - Fortul road.

2003/10/07, Father Sanjeevananda Swami from India, aged 52, died of wounds inflicted by aggressors in Belur Kolar district, Bangalore diocese, (India).

2003/10/05, Annalena Tonelli, aged 63, from Italy, a voluntary medical worker, was shot dead as she left the hospital she herself had opened and where she had cared for the local people for 33 years at Borama (northern Somalia).

2003/10/05, Rev. William De Jesus Ortez, aged 32, born in Jucuapa (El Salvador), parish priest at the cathedral in Santiago de Maria diocese (El Salvador), was shot dead inside the cathedral during the afternoon. The sacristan Jaime Noel Quintanilla, aged 23, was also shot dead.

2003/09/01, Rev. Lawrence Oyuru, parish priest at Ocero, Soroti diocese in Uganda, was killed with 25 other people in an ambush staged by LRA rebels on the Soroti - Manasale road.

2003/08/27, Joe Castillo Venezuelan, lay missionary, was shot dead while travelling by car to Tinaquillo, Machiques-Venezuela; his wife and little boy were unhurt.

2003/08/26, Rev. Alphonse Kavendiambuku of the Democratic Republic del Congo (Matadi diocese), was killed at Kavuaya, Bas Congo province, by five former military who attacked the car in which the priest and another two passengers, one injured the other unhurt, were travelling.

2003/08/25, Rev Justin Mandro Kapanga, aged 30, diocesan priest in Democratic Congo, assistant at Fataki parish, was killed by Lendu militiamen.

2003/08/14, Father Mario Mantovani Comboni, missionary, aged 84, from Italy, who had assisted lepers in Uganda for 45 years and Comboni Brother Godfrey Kiryowa from Uganda, aged 29: both men were shot dead on the road between Capeto and Kotido (Uganda) by cattle thieves.

2003/08/12, Marko Makuec Shir, a lay man, was a catechist in Kutum Sudan since 1998. Married and father of three children, he was killed while going to hospital to visit a friend injured in the fighting when rebels took the city.

2003/08/09, Sister Mathilde, Congolese Sister of the Servants of Jesus, was killed in the village of Fataki, in Democratic Congo, during an attack by Lendu militiamen who sacked the convent and church.

2003/07/19, in IMPERATRIZ, MARANHAO, BRAZIL, + Fr. Taddeo Gabrieli, age 73, was knifed to death when he stopped his vehicle to help a man who had fallen off his bicycle.

2003/07/05, near LAHORE, in RENALA KHORD, PAKISTAN, + Father George Ibrahim was shot dead in his residence by 6 armed assailants.

2003/07/01, Ana Isabel Sánchez Torralba, aged 22, from Spain, on her first mission abroad as a member of the Calasanziano Voluntary Missionary group, was killed in Mongomo, Equatorial Guinea during a police raid.

2003/05/21, Father Manus Campbell OFM, from Ireland was killed by robbers who broke into the parish in the outskirts of Durban (South Africa). He had been a missionary in South Africa for 45 years.

2003/05/21, Sister Lorek Czeslawa from Poland, a Sister of the Sacred Heart, aged 65, 19 years on mission in Democratic Congo, where she was died in Kinshasa of wounds inflicted by thieves whom she found inside the church.

2003/05/20, near DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA, + Father Manus Patrick Campbell, 71, a Franciscan Missionary, was murdered during the night when he was surprised in his sleep by thieves who were breaking into the Church of Amanzimtoti.

2003/05/15, in CHIA, COLOMBIA, + Father Jairo Garavito was murdered by two bandits who strangled him to death with the cord of his habit during a robbery attempt.

2003/05/10, in NYAKASANZA, CONGO, + Father Aimé Ndjabu and Father Francis Mateseso (Francois Xavier Mateso?) and 12 other persons were killed and their bodies were mutilated when 10 militiamen attacked, looted and destroyed their parish.

2003/05/10, three Seminarians Minor were kidnapped in Lachor (Archdiocese of Gulu, Uganda) during the night. LRA rebels abducted all together 41 boys: three were confirmed dead, others escaped and the rest are believed to be still in the hands of the rebels.

2003/05/06, in BUNIA, CONGO, + Father Raphael Ngona was shot twice in the head on the premises of Bunia Diocesan offices where he was temporarily appointed parish priest at Drodro. He was murdered by members of ethnic Lendu militias.

2003/04/11, Rev. Martin Macharia Njoroge from Kenya, aged 34, died in hospital in Nairobi (Kenya) from injuries inflicted by robbers in the city outskirts. The robbers forced him to get out of his car then fired several shots at him escaping with his car which they abandoned a short distance away. Ordained a priest 4 years before, he was in charge of St Francis Xavier Parish at Parklands. A brother of Father Martin, also a priest, was killed in 2000.

2003/04/04, near NAIROBI, KENYA, +Fr. Martin Macharia Njoroge was shot 4 times at closed range and killed by bandits who had stopped him.

2003/03/25, near AWHUM, NIGERIA, +Brother Clement, in his 40's, a Trappist of Our Lady of Calvary, was murdered during a bus holdup.

2003/03/23, in VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, USA, the mutilated body of + Sister Mary Philomena Fogarty, 67, was found after she had been abducted from her home.

2003/03/22, Rev. Nelson Gómez Bejarano from Colombia, aged 52, was the parish priest of the Shrine of the Miraculous Medal Parish in Armenia (Colombia). He was killed by robbers.

2003/3/11, Rev. Dieudonné Mvuezolo-Tovo from the Democratic Republic Congo, co-ordinator for Catholic Schools in Bas Province D. Congo, was shot dead by a man in military uniform on the Tshimpi Matadi road.

2002/12/09, in the CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, +Fr. Jean Claude Kilamong, about 40, was murdered by the rebels linked to the October coup in that country.

2002/12/07, in CLEVELAND, OHIO, USA, +Fr. William Gulas, 69, was hit on the top of the head, shot to death and then had in body burned at his residence.

2002/11/29, in NIGERIA, in the Kaduna parish, + Father James Iyere of the Archdiocese of Kaduna, died after being beaten and burned by Muslim fundamentalists during riots in Kaduna.

2002/11/20, near JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, of the Ennerdale parish, + Father Declan Collins, 50, died after being struck on the head on Saturday, November 16 th, in an apparent robbery of about $ 50.00.

2002/11/16, IN JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, + Father Declan Collins, an Irish Salesian who was very involved with helping the poor, was killed by thieves where he was parish priest.

2002/10/19, in BRAZIL, + Alberto Neri Fernandez of from Uruguay, a lay member of the Focolare Movement, was killed by thieves.

2002/10/18, in COLOMBIA, + Father Gabriel Arias Posadas, vicar general of the Armenia diocese of Colombia, was killed in the department of Caldas where he had gone to negotiate the release of a hostage.

2002/10/17, in the municipality of CHALAN, COLOMBIA, + Father José Luis Cárdenas Hernández, 30, parish priest, was killed by gunmen at the door of his house.

2002/10/17, in the municipality of ANSERMA, COLOMBIA, the body of + Monsignor Gabriel Arias Posada, 66, was found full of bullet wounds in a car, along with the driver, where he had gone on a peace mission to mediate the release of a former Senator kidnapped 6 months earlier. He was the vicar of the Diocese of Armenia.

2002/09/28, in PAKISTAN, two gunmen raided the office of the Catholic organization, "The Justice and Peace Commission" and shot in the head + 8 staff members.

2002/09/27, in the town of CAUCA VALLEY, COLOMBIA, six gunmen murdered parish priest + Fr. Jorge Sánchez Ramírez, age 62, the parish sacristan, + Guillermo Peña, 19, + sexton Gerardo Pava, 51, and + soldier Frank Heider Rodríguez, 21, who was an altar server and a friend of the priest.

2002/09/20, in RESTREPO, the MEDELLIN area of COLOMBIA, + Father José Luis Arroyave, age 49, was killed in cold blood by members of a militia group.

2002/09/08, in MAJANJE, ANGOLIA, + Seminarian Leonardo Muakalia Livongue was killed by robbers.

2002/08/20, in GUADALCANAL, in the SOLOMON ISLANDS, + Father Augustin Geve, the first Catholic priest from the Solomon Islands, was killed on where he had gone to mediate peace talks.

2002/08/15, in BAGHDAD, IRAQ, + Sister Cecilia Musha Hanna, 70, a Chaldean Catholic nun of the Order of the Daughters of the Sacred heart was stripped naked, cruelly tortured for 5 hours, had her throat cut and was then beheaded by Islamic terrorists.

2002/08/10, in CONGO, +Father Jean Guth of France, belonging to the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, died in captivity. He was kidnapped on March 31 in Mayama, near Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo.

2002/08/05, in BURUNDI, + Father Pierre Tondo, parish priest of Kiguhu in the Diocese of Ruyigi, was murdered by armed bandits who had stopped his car on the road to Gitega. They made him get out and then shot him dead.

2002/07/30, in CAMEROON, + Brother Ivo M. Dominique Lascanne, of the Little Brothers of the Gospel (France) and founder of the Foyer of Hope for street children in Yaounde, was found dead near Maroua by one of the boys he had saved from the streets.

2002/07/21, in COLOMBIA, +Seminarian Carlos Herrao Jiménez, was killed in Medellin.

2002/07/19, in SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA, + Father John Kratko, 61, died. Beaten a week earlier, robbed and left for dead by a parolee in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, he never recovered from his coma.

2002/07/14, in MOGOTES, the SANTANDES region, COLOMBIA, + Sister Marta Inés Vélez Serna, 44, of the Sisters of St. Peter Claver community, was murdered by masked gunmen at Mogotes-Santander.

2002/06/27, in CALI, COLOMBIA, + Fr. Hilario Arango was shot and killed by leftist rebels after celebrating Holy Mass.

2002/06/10, in CONCEPTION, MISSOURI, USA, + Fr. Phillip Schuster, age 85 and + Br. Damian Larson, age 64, were murdered by a 71 years old gunmen at Conception Abbey.

2002/05/19, in PANAMA CITY, + Father Jorge Altafulla, from Panama, was killed.

2002/05/18, in FLORENCIA, COLOMBIA,+ Father Arley Arias Garcia, president of the local peace junta, while trying to bring the paramilitary and guerilla to negotiations, was killed in an ambush.

2002/05/16, in SAN SALVADOR DA BAHIA, BRAZIL, + Father Alois Lintner, Italian, Fidei Donum, was killed.

2002/05/02, in the Church of BOYACA, in the department of EL CHOCO, in COLOMBIA, + 118 persons were burned to death by a FARC bomb, this including more than 40 children.

2002/04/12, in FIANARANTSOA, MADAGASCAR, + Fr. Joseph Morin, 76, was killed by a bullet fired through a Sacred Heart Monastery window during the conflict with forces loyal to the self-declared President.

2002/04/06, in the Southern village of LA ARGENTINA, HUILA, COLOMBIA, + Fr. Juan Ramón Núñez was shot 4 times and killed while celebrating the 7:00 P.M. Mass. Also, the gunmen killed layman + Joaquin Quebrada who was attending the Holy Mass.

2002/03/24, in GOMA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, +Fr. Boniface and a little girl called Karine were murdered when grenades were thrown at the faithful during the Palm Sunday procession.

2002/03/21, in NORTHEASTERN UGANDA, in the KOTIDO region, + Father Declan O'Toole, 31, and 2 other persons were killed by gunmen.

2002/03/16, in CALI, COLOMBIA, + Archbishop Isaias Duarte Cancino, age 63, was gunned down by two motorcyclist when leaving the Church.

2002/03/12, in LYNBROOK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, + Father Lawrence Penzes, age 50, and parishioner + Eileen Tosner, 73, were shot dead at Our Lady of Peace Church during the celebration of the Holy Mass.

2002/01/14, outside MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA, the body of + Fr. Guillermo Corrales, 49, was found. He has been beaten and stabbed to death.

2001/12/28, in DUBLIN, IRELAND, + Father Oliver Barrett, 81, died of head injuries suffered in February when after being approached by a lady wanting money, he was beaten with a block in BROWNSVILLE, outside the Gadsden Street parish.

2001/12/15, in MONAGHAN, IRELAND, + Sister Philomena Lyons, 68, was abducted outside her convent, sexually assaulted and strangled.

2001/12/08, in SHOSHANGUVE SOUTH, near PRETORIA in SOUTH AFRICA, + Father Michele D'Annucci, 60, an Italian missionary belonging to the Congregation of the Sacred Wounds, was shot and killed during an apparent robbery.

2001/12/08, in SANDOVAL, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, + Father Michael Mac, 54, of the Dominican Order, was stabbed and bludgeoned to death during a burglary.

2001/11/28, in AMBIGAPUR, INDIA, + Miss Sarita Toppo, a consecrated lay woman, was raped and murdered while collecting fire wood.

2001/11/24, between ATIAK and NIMULE, UGANDA, + Father Peter Obore Oromo was murdered by the rebels Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).

2001/11/23, near LAE, in PAPUA, NEW GUINEA, + Father Hubert Hofmans, 62, of the Mariannhill Missionaries was murdered for $11.64.

2001/11/15, in MABITAC, LAGUNA, PHILIPPINES, + Father Arsenio "Jun" Plata Jr, was stabbed dead in his Church by two assailants during a robbery attempt.

2001/11/07, in ZIGUINCHOR, SENEGAL, + Father Simeon Coly, age 40, of Ziguinchor Diocese was shot and killed in an ambush by bandits.

2001/10/29, in LA SERENA, CILE, + Sister Lita Castillo, Dominican, was attacked at the college where she taught. She died after 12 days of agony.

2001/10/15, in PUTHKEL, INDIA, + Father Gopal, 35, was axed to death by extremists.

2001/10/13, in OUAADOUGOU, BURKINA F., + Father Celestino Digiovambattista, Camillian, was murdered by a mentally deranged prisoner during his prison visit at prison chaplain.

2001/10/08, in SALTA, ARGENTINA, + Father Ernesto Martearena, Diocesan priest, was murdered by young thieves and then his body was burned.

2001/10/08, in DURAZZO, ALBANIA, + Father Ettore Martearena, Diocesan priest, was murdered by robbers.

2001/10/06, in KIGALI, RWANDA, + Giuliano Berizzi, a lay volunteer from Italy, was murdered in his home. It is suspected that he was mistaken for a priest.

2001/09/21, in BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, + Sister Yolanda Ceron was shot and killed.

2001/09/10, in the NORTHERN UTTAR PRADESH STATE, INDIA, + Father J. B. Crasta, was killed in a crossfire between the police and rebels.

2001/09/11, in NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, + Rev. Father Michael F. Judge, OFM, Irish Franciscan, age 68, chaplain of the New York City Fire Department, met his death while administering the sacraments to the wounded and dying in the attack on New York´s World Trade Center.

2001/09/11, in NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, + Rev. Francis Edward Grogan, age 76, was killed by the terrorists who hijacked the United Airlines Flight 175 and crashed it into the New York's World Trade Center.

2001/09/06, in JHAKHAND, INDIA, + Father John Baptist Crasta, Diocesan priest, was shot by Maoist rebels for not obeying the orders of rebels when the car he was riding with others was stopped.

2001/09/02, in CARTAGO, COLOMBIA, + Fr. Héctor Fabio Vélez, was found dead in the parish. He had been tortured.

2001/08/29, on the island of MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES, + Fr. Rufus Halley, age 57, of the Columban Fathers was gunned down.

2001/08/28, in KIKWIT, the Democratic Republic of the CONGO, Jesuit + Fr. Emil Jouret, Jesuit, age 82, was stabbed to death in his residence.

2001/08/28, in MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA, + Fr. Galeano Buitrago, DIocesan priest, was murdered by robbers who robbed his house and stole his car.

2001/08/16, in PORT MORESBY, AUSTRALIA, + Fr. Fabian Thom, Franciscan, was shot dead my a group of men who broke into his residence.

2001/07/04, in ANTRIM, NORTHERN IRELAND, + Ciaran Cummings, 19, was shot and killed by 2 Protestant extremists.

2001/06/21, in the town of ANNOTTO BAY, by KINGSTON, in JAMAICA, the + Rev. Martin Royackers, 41, a Canadian Jesuit priest, was killed by gunshot in his office in St. Theresa's Church.

2001/06/14, in ANTIOQUIA, COLOMBIA, + Father Leonardo A. Alzate, Diocesan priest, was kidnapped in his parish. The next day, they found his body.

2001/06/11, in MUTAMBARA, BURUNDI, + Sister Claire Nduwakristu, age 28, of the Family of the Disciples of Christ, a diocesan congregation, was killed in her vehicle.

2001/05/17, in CAMEROON, NGUOUDÉrÉ, + Father Henryk Dejneka, an Oblate Missionary of Mary Immaculate (OMI), was found shot dead at his mission. The reason remains a mystery.

2001/05/05, in GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA, + Sister Barbara Anne Ford of the Sisters of Charity died from a shot in the head during a car jacking.

2001/05/15, in IMPHAL, INDIA, at 6:26 P.M. + Father Raphael Paliakara, age 43, member of the Salesians of Don Bosco, was shot dead by three gunmen during an attack on the Salesian novitiate.

2001/05/15, in IMPHAL, INDIA, at 6:26 P.M. + Father Andreas Kindo, age 32, members of the Salesians of Don Bosco, was shot dead by three gunmen during an attack on the Salesian novitiate.

2001/05/15, in IMPHAL, INDIA, at 6:26 P.M. + Swminarian Joseph Shinu Joseph, age 25, was shot dead by three gunmen during an attack on the Salesian novitiate.

2001/05/10, in NEGOMBO, SRI LANKA, + Father Bernard Costa, age 76, was killed in the vestry.

2001/05/07, in SOUTH ISIDRO, PERU, in the Diocese of Di Ica, + Father Ramon Gamache Berube, of the Foreign Missions Society of Québec, was killed by robbers in his parish.

2001/05/05, in GUATEMALA CITY, + Sister Barbara Ann Ford, a Sister of Charity, was 'apparently' killed by robbers. She worked closely with + Bishop Juan Gerardi who was shot dead in April 26, 1998.

2001/04/15, in IATZEVO, SIBERIA, + Father Jan Franzkevic, Diocesan priest, was found dead in the Chapel where he had gone for Easter.

2001/02/21, in SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, + Father Nazareno Lanciotti, 61, died of the wound he received on February 11 th when two hooded men burst into his residence and shot him at the dinner table.

2001/02/01, in MOCUBA, MOZAMBIQUE, + Father Pietro De Franceschi, a Sacred Heart Father, drowned in floods while saving a woman who needed hospitalization.

2001/01/21, in METTUR, INDIA, in the diocese of Salem, + Sister Dionitia Mary, procurator of St. Mary's Matriculation School, was murdered in an attempted robbery. She belonged to the Congregation of the Servites of Mary Mother Sorrowful.

2000/12/31, in CASTRIES, ST. LUCIA, at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, + Sister Theresa Egan, 72, of Ireland, was murdered during mass when intruders wield a machete, poured fuel on parishioners and set them on fire.

2000/12/28, on the southern island of JOLO in the PHILIPPINES, + Father Benjamin Inocencio, 41, of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, was ambushed by a Muslim rebel. He was murdered by the Muslim rebels who shot him twice in the head.

2000/12/15, in the ANDAMAN ISLANDS in the Bay of BENGAL, INDIA, + Father John Peter was killed with knives and clubs at his residence by 16 armed men who objected to promoting Christianity.

2000/12/02, in the central district of THOUBAL, in MANIPUR, INDIA, the body of + Father Jacob Chittrinapilli, 30, was found a few hours after he was abducted by gunmen at his Church in Sugnu.

2000/11/17, in GULU, UGANDA, + Grace Akullu, a Voluntary Nurse was murdered.

2000/11/11, in MAN, IVORY COAST, + Fr. Regis Grange of the Sacred Heart Brothers was murdered.

2000/11/?, in GULU, UGANDA, + Sr. Dorothy Akweyo of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate was murdered.

2000/11/05, in GULU, UGANDA, + Sr. Pierina Asienzo of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate was murdered.

2000/10/28, in HARTLAND, JAMAICA, + Fr. Howard Rochester was murdered.

2000/10/17, in BUENAVENTURA, COLUMBIA, + Fr. Arnoldo Gomex Ramirez of the Yarumal Missionaries was murdered.

2000/10/15, in GIHIZA, BURUNDI, + St. Gina Simionato of Italy, a Sisters of S. Dorothy, was murdered.

2000/10/7, in SOLWEZI, ZAMBIA, + St. Floriana Terilli, a Sister of St. John Baptist, was murdered.

2000/10/03, near BUJUMBURA, BURUNDI, + Italian lay missionary Antonio Bargiggia, 43, of the Brothers of the Poor religious association, was shot in the head by four gunmen after having been asked for money.

2000/10/01, near KITGUM, UGANDA, while driving on his way to celebrate the Holy Mass, + Fr. Rafaelle Di Bari, 71, was gunned down by Kony rebels.

2000/09/?, in EKPOMA, NIGERIA, + Fr. Jude Maria Ogbu of the Carmelite Decalsed, was murdered.

2000/08/24, near the town of NAIVASHA, KENYA, was found the body of + Fr. Anthony Kaiser, 67, a member of the Society of St. Joseph. He was shot in the head.

2000/07/25, in the state of TRIPURA, INDIA, + Fr. Victor Crasta, age 48, of the Mill Hill Missionaries, was killed by gunmen who also seriously injured Fathers Paul Leo and Alfred Fernandes during the attack.

2000/07/12, in the State of BIHAR, INDIA, the bullet-ridden body of + Fr. Remis Karketta, 38, a Jesuit, was found on a road near the town of Ranchi.

2000/06/10, in the Diocese of KABGAYI, RWANDA, at the Parish of Mugina, + Fr. Isidro Uzcudum, 69, a Spanish priest of Fidei donum (S. Sebastian), was instantly killed in the rectory when he was robbed by three men and then shot in the head by one of the men who wanted more then he received.

2000/06/08, in WASHINGTON, MD, US, + Monsignor Thomas Wells, 56, was found murdered in his second floor residence over the rectory office of Mother Seton Catholic Church.

2000/06/08, in ITALY, + Sister Mary Laura Manetti, 61, Superior of the Sisters of the Cross of St. Andrew in Chiavenna, was brutally murdered, her body disfigured by stab wounds while responding to a cry for help from a pregnant girl.

2000/06/07 in RATMALANA, SRI LANKA, Industrial Development Minister + Clement Victor Gooneratne, a man of solid Christian faith and a dedicated public servant, was assassinated by a suicide bomber.

2000/06/07, in MATHURA, INDIA, the badly battered body of a missionary brother in charge of the Catholic School, + Father George Kuzhikandom, a Franciscan was discovered in his residence.

2000/05/30-31, in BUKAVU, DEMOCRATIC CONGO, Seminarian + Claude Gustave Amzati was murdered during an attack on the major seminary at Murhesa.

2000/05/23, in The Diocese of KADUNA, NIGERIA, + Father Clement Ozi Bello, 26, who converted to christianity from a Muslim family and who was ordained last year, was stopped as he drove to his parish and dragged from his car by a mob. He was tied up, had his eyes gouged out, and was then killed by Muslim extremists. They have been offering 100,000 naira (about US$1,000) for each priest killed in Kaduna.

2000/05/14, in BUHORO, BURUNDI, + Rev. Pascal Nzikobanyanka, a Diocesan priest, was murdered.

2000/05/03, in PHILIPPINE, + Father Rhuel Gallardo, a Claretian missionary priest and three teachers were shot by Muslim rebels in the back of the head while their hands were tied behind their back. Fr. Gallardo, the parish priest of Sumisip and director of the Claret School in Basilan, was held captive for 44 days since March 20 th. the Muslin rebels pulled out the nails from his index finger and toes before being shot twice in the head, shoulder and back.

2000/03/29, in KAWO, NIGERIA, Seminarian + José de Rocha Dias of Angola was murdered.

2000/03/27, in SUPIA, + Father Hugo Duque, 43, was murdered by a single stab wound to the chest as he opened the door to his home.

2000/03/16, in KARACHI, PAKISTAN, + Sr. Christine Sequeira of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary was murdered.

2000/03/02, in SUDAN, the Sudanese military regime did a bombimg raid which destroyed a Catholic School, killing + 21 children and some teachers.

2000/02/15, IN KILIBA, D. CONGO, + Fr. Remis Pepe was murdered.

2000/02/05, in BAMBARI, (BANGUI-CENTRAL AFRICA), + St. M. Odette Simba Abakumate of the Sister of Charity of Jesus and Mary was murdered.

2000/01/17, in TORREóN, MEXICO, + Rev. José I. Flores Gaytán was murdered.

2000/01/01, In ENDE, INDONESIA, + Frater Yosef Jami, a seminarian of the Divine Word (SVD), was killed.

1999/11/22, in DEMOCRATIC CONGO, + Father George Kakuja, the parish priest of Kalonge, was murdered.

1999, November, in BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, the body of + Sister Luz Amparo Granada was found burned and mutilated. She died of a bullet wound to the head. Her legs had been severed and her corpse partially incinerated.

1999/09/26, in BUJUMBURA, BURUNDI, AFRICA, a group of men in military uniforms shot at worshippers during Sunday Mass, killing about + 30 Catholics in the local Church.

1999/09/02, in JAMUDHI village, in ORISSA, INDIA, + Father Arul Doss, 35, was shot with arrows in the early hours as he slept.

1999/06/25, in BRISTOL, CONNECTICUT, US, + Father Robert Lysz, 50, pastor of St. Matthew's Parish, was murdered. His body was found behind the Altar.

1999/05/19, in CACHIRA, in the state of SANTANDER, COLOMBIA, the bodies of + Father Pedro Leon Camacho, pastor of a small, remote community in northern Colombia and his driver were found after they had been kidnapped by the People's Liberation Army.

1999/03/25, in COLUMBIA, + Father Jaime Orlando Acevedo Rojas, the pastor of St. Michael the Archangel Church in Chinacota, was found slain after being kidnapped on Sunday, March 20.

1999/02/05, in SIERRA LEONE, + Sister Indu Maria Anastasia Xalxo, a sister of the Charity Sisters, was murdered.

1999/01/29, in SIERRA LEONE, + a priest and a sister were murdered as they fled from advancing troops.

1999/01/26, in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, + Father Cipriano Ibanez, 72, a Spanish Salesian missionary, was shot and killed when refusing to give his car to robbers while on his way to celebrate Mass in Santo Domingo.

1999/01/25, in ECUADOR, + Father Favio Rojas, 41, a Franciscan priest, was fatally wounded by gunfire when he tried to stop the mugging of a woman and her two young children.

1999/01/23, in SIERRA LEONE, + Sister Nzembi Carmeline Maria B., a sister of the Charity Sisters, was murdered by Sierra Leone rebels.

1999/01/22, in SIERRA LEONE, two sisters of the Missionaries of Charity religious Order, + Sister Aloise Ansama Maria Antony and + Sister Sueva Maria Sujila Asakra were murdered by Sierra Leone rebels who had held them as hostages.

1998/12/21, in LA PAZ, BOLIVIA, + Father Alvaro Lopez Sora, a Redemptorist, was shot down near their mission parish in Palo Blancos.

1998/12/21, in LA PAZ, BOLIVIA, + Sr. Cecilia Posada, a Missionary of St. Teresa, was shot down near the mission parish in Palo Blancos.

1998/12/21, in BRAZZAVILLE, CONGO, + Seminarian Guy-Alfred Nakavoua was murdered.

1998/12/14, in the small town of ORGOSOLO, SARDINIA, + Father Graziano Muntoni, 57, an Italian parish priest, was shot and killed as he was preparing for Mass.

1998/11/27, in LA VALLE, HAITI, + Fr. Bernardin Hudon of the Brothers of Christian Instruction, was murdered.

1998/11/1, in CONGO, +Fr. Jan Czuba of Fidei Donum was murdered.

1998/10/19, in RIO DE JANEIRO, + Father Oto Campos Braga, 39, was found dead after he was beaten with stones and sticks and his car was set on fire.

1998/09/24, in BENGUELA, ANGOLA, + Francisco H. Satchilombo, a Seminiarian of the Servants of Divine Providence, was murdered.

1998/09/24, in BENGUELA, ANGOLA, + Sr. Lucy Katihe of the Franciscan of Jesus Sacrament was murdered.

1998/09/18, in LLORO-CHOCO, COLOMBIA, + Brother Miguyel A. Quiroga Gaona, a Marionist, was murdered.

1998/09/18, in LLORO-CHOCO, COLOMBIA, + Brother Miguyel A. Quiroga Gaona, a Marionist, was murdered.

1998/09/14, in the SAMBURU DISTRICT of KENYA, + Father Luigi Andeni, age 63, of the Consolata Mission was shot during a robbery.

1998/09/11, in COLOMBIA, + Father Alcides Jimenez Chicangana was gunned down as he said Mass at his parish in Puerto Caicedo, near Patumayo.

1998/09/09, in Uije, ANGOLA, + Seminarian Abrao, a Capuchin, was murdered.

1998, September, in ST. HUBERT in OLDBURY, WEST MIDLANDS, ENGLAND, in thanksgiving for trying to find accommodation for a homeless man, + Father Paul Orchard, 88, was stabbed through the heart in the rectory of Our Lady and St. Hubert.

1998/08/24, in DEMOCRATIC CONGO, + 37 people were killed in the brutal attack by Banyamulenge Tutsi rebels on Kasika Catholic parish in the Congo's Uvira diocese. These included:
+Seminarian Eusebe Malenga of the Diocese,
+Sr. Adrienne of the Daughters of Resurrection,
+Sr. Germaine of the Daughters of Resurrection,
+Sr. Germaine of the Daughters of Resurrection, and
+Fr. S. Bwabulakombe, a Diocesan priest.

1998/08/03, in PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI, + Father Jean Pierre-Louis, 54, was shot to death by two gunmen as he left a car in a downtown business district.

1998/07/31, in NYUNDO, RWANDA, + Sr. Valens Mukanoheli of the Benebikira was murdered.

1998/07/27, in BRAZZAVILLE, D. CONGO, + Fr. Michel Albecq of the Society of Jesus was murdered.

1998/07/27, in SANAA, YEMEN, + Sr. Michael of the Missionaries of Charity was murdered.

1998/07/27, in SANAA, YEMEN, + Sr. Anetta of the Missionaries of Charity was murdered.

1998/07/27, in SANAA, YEMEN, + Sr. Lilia of the Missionaries of Charity was murdered.

1998/07/25, in ESHOWE, SOUTH AFRICA, +Sr. Theodolinde Scherck of the Holy Child Franciscans was murdered.

1998/06/20, in SAO BERNARDO, BRAZIL, +Fr. Leo Commissari of Fidei Donum was murdered.

1998/06/07, in KINSHASA, D. CONGO, +Brother K. Mandro of the Carmelite (professed 1st degree) was murdered.

1998/04/26, in GUATEMALA CITY, + Auxiliary Bishop Juan Jose Gerardi Conedera of Guatemala City, age 75, was bludgeoned in the garage of his home.

1998/04/26, in RUHENGERI, RWANDA, +Fr. Boniface Kabago, a Diocesan priest, was murdered.

1998/04/, in NGANZA, R.D. CONGO, +Sr. Anne Desrumeaux of the Sisters of Charity Henle was murdered.

1998/04/08, in BHAGALPUR, INDIA, +Brother Jeremie Hoyo of the Third Order Franciscans was murdered.

1998/03/31, in BOGOTA, COLUMBIA, + Father German Urango Correa, 46, pastor of San Vicente Ferrer in Andalucia was found dead from gunshot wound to the head after going out in his automobile.

1998/03/29, in P. CABELLO, VENEZUELA, +Mgr. A. Guerra Marrero, the Vicar General of Puerto Cabello, was murdered.

1998/03/24, in NEW DELHI, INDIA, + Brother Luke Puttaniyil, Missionaries of Charity (MC), the driver and his assistant were taking a truck-load of medicine and food for leprosy patients in Patna in Bihar state from an MC home in Calcutta. They were robbed and murdered, Brother Luke suffering bullet wounds to the back and skull, had his hands and feet tied with rope, and a shirt stuffed in his mouth. Their bodies were left on the raildroad track. When discovred, the local police buried them near a bridge where they were found without any attempt to identify them.

1998/03/09, in TANANARIVE, MADAGASCAR, +Fr. marcel Hubscher, of the Holy Family Congregation, was murdered.

1998/03/04, in DANE, WISCONSIN, USA, + Father Alfred Kunz, 67, pastor of St. Michael's Church, was found lying in a pool of his blood by a teacher at a parish school.

1998, January, in KIGALI, RWANDA, + Father Vijeko Curic, a Croatian-born Franciscan priest serving the missions in Rwanda, was murdered near Holy Family parish church. He was killed by a pistol shot, fired at close range, while he was in his car.

1998/02/12, in BUSASAMANA, RWANDA, +Sr. Devota Rwangeyo of the Daughters of Resurrection was murdered.

1998/01/31, in KIGALI, RWANDA, +Fr. Vijeko Curic of the Franciscans was murdered.

1998/01/15, in ENCARNACION, PARAGUAY, +Fr. Gerardo G. Boumans of the Divine Word was murdered.

1998/01/08, in KIGALI, RWANDA, 5 Catholic sisters of the Daughters of Resurrection were murdered in their convent in Rwanda's northwest province by Hutu rebels. The rebels encircled the church of the nuns before breaking into their homes where they massacred them with guns, machetes and axes. The sisters were:
+Sr. Epiphanie Gasigwa,
+Sr. Felicite Benimana,
+Sr. Betilde Mukamuhire,
+Sr. Cesarine Wimana, and
+Sr. Xavera Mukagakwaya.

1997, December, in BOGOTA, COLUMBIA, + Father Samuel Calderon Pena, 33, of the Archdiocese of Bogota, was murdered by militants of the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC).

1997, December, in NEPAL, + Father Thomas Gafney, was murdered in his home, apparently by thieves.

1997/10/24, in the eastern BIHAR state of INDIA, the bruised. headless body of + Father A.T. Thomas, Jesuit, was found in the jungle, under a tree, with his hands tied at the back.

1997, May, in RWANDA, + Fathers Isaie Habakurama and Pascal Yirirwahandi and four others were killed by unidentified attackers as they road a bus on Sunday night in the Diocese of Butare.

1997, May, in BURUNDI, Hutu rebels attacked the seminary outside the provincial capital of Bururi, killing + 34 seminarians and seven seminary workers.

1997/04/29, in RWANDA, + 17 schoolgirls and a Belgium sister were massacred by Hutu rebels while attacking schools in north-western Rwanda.

1997/04/27, in RWANDA, Hutu gunmen murdered + Sister Griet Bosmans, a 62-year-old Belgian nun who was the headmaster of the Catholic school and 17 of the girls students.

1997/03/18, in RWANDA, gunmen fired automatic weapons and threw grenades at schoolchildren, killing + 5 children and an adult.

1997/02/04, in PHILIPPINES, + Bishop de Jesus was shot in front of his cathedral by suspected Muslim extremists. He was shot six times in the chest at point-blank range with a .45 caliber pistol by a man and boy as young as 10-years-old according to eyewitness reports.

1997/02/02, in KAMPAGNA, RWANDA, + Father Guy Pinard, 61, a member of the Missionaries of Africa order, was barbarously murdered as he brought the Blessed Sacrament to sick members of his parish on Sunday.

1997/01/23, in NAKURU, KENYA, + Brother Larry Timmons, age 47, was killed by police officers who responded to an alleged robbery. He was one of dozen who were accidentally killed by police officers that year for being outspoken against corruption.

1996, October, in BOGOTA, COLUMBIA, + Father Botero Henao, 32, the young vicar of the local parish was killed by Colombian Marxist guerrilla.

1996/09/30, in TUZLA, BOSNIA, an unidentified 46-year-old nun died from being stabbed six times. She belonged to the Order of the Daughters of God's Love and was a native of Vitez, in a Croat-controlled pocket of central Bosnia 12 miles west of Kakanj.

1996/09/09, in BURUNDI, + Archbishop Joachim Ruhuna of Gitega, Burundi and two women religious were slain side by side.

1996/08/07, in PUEBLO, COLORADO, USA, + Father Tom Scheets, 65, pastor of St. Leander parish, and Father Louis Stovik, 77, were were slain in their rectory.

1996/08/01, in ORAN, ALGERIA, French Catholic + Bishop Pierre Claverie, 58, of the Dominican Order was murdered in by Muslim Extremists in his Algeria home after visiting the monastery of seven monks who were murdered in May.

1996/05/27, in ORAN, ALGERIA, the seven French + Trappist monks, ages 59 to 82, who were kidnapped from Notre Dame d'Atlas in March by Moslem fundamentalist guerillas, were beheaded.

1993/05/24, in MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, + Cardinal Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo, the Archbishop of Guadalajara was assassinated at the city airport.

1991/05/21, in the mountain village of Huasahuasi, Peru, + Sr. Irene McCOrmack, an Australian sister of St. Joseph, and 4 local men, were executed by a terrorist group known as Shining Path for the crime of "Feeding the Poor." They were made to lie down on the ground and the terrorists shot each of them in the head.

1990/10/02, in COLOMBIA, + Father José Antonio Beltrán Monsalve was shot dead.

1989/11/16, in EL SALVADOR, + six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter were slain.

1987/02/24, in BUFFALO, NEW YORK, U. S. A., + Rev. Joseph A. Bissonnette, age 64, a member of the Diocese of Buffalo, was murdered by two young men who came to the rectory door asking for food.

1984, in SANTIAGO, CHILE, + Father Andre Jarlan died while reading the Bible in his small house at La Victoria, being wounded by a bullet apparently shot by policeman who was engaged in a crackdown on rioters in the shanty town near the priest's home.

1981, in KENYA, + Fr. Graiff of the Consolata Mission was killed.

1968/11/09, in UGANDA, + Father Leopoldo Anywar was murdered by armed men along the Uganda border.

1967/01/22, in UGANDA, + Father Saturnino Obure was murdered by armed men along the Uganda border.

1965/11/19, in KENYA, + Fr. Stallone Michele of the Consolata Mission was killed.

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