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Catholic Doors Ministry


Answering the Words of Jesus to pray for others, the PRAYING PARTNERS of the Catholic Doors Ministry have committed 5 minutes of their time each day to pray for the following members of the Body of Christ.

May the grace of God shine in our brothers and sisters in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit in the Most Holy Name of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the glory of the Heavenly Father to be seen by all.

Those in need...

Ashvin, 30's, India,
Alcohol addiction

Stanislaus, 40's, Kenya,
Cure of mental illness.

Donovan, 30's, South Africa,
Healing from Psychosis and addiction.

Susan, 70's, China,
Migraine headaches.

Jan, 60's, Kenya,
Healing from cancer.

Gloria, 60's, United States,
End to my financial troubles.

David, 40's, United States,
Employment and marriage.

Ernesto, 50's, United States,
Drug addiction.

Jorge, 40's, United States,
Drug addiction.

Guadalupe, 60's, United States,
That he be converted by the Holy Spirit.

Mario, 50's, United States,

Raul, 60's, United States,
Heard from him in four years.

Miriam, 20's, Malawi,
Need a devoted Catholic man for a husband.

Katelynn, 20's, United States,
Fibromyalgia & Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.

Lorraine, 30's, Philippines,
Conversion,meet her future husband.

Louie, 50's, United States,
Conversion with family.

Athena, 50's, United States,
Conversion with family.

Leandra, 50's, United States,
Conversion with family.

Joseph, 60's, Canada,
General health conditions.

Tracy, 40's, United States,
For wife to revert to her catholic faith.

Mark, 30's, United States,
Financial struggles and friends.

Grady, 20's, United States,
For the strength to forgive.

Yohana, 28, Tanzania,
Success in my businesses.

And all the intentions not yet posted on here...

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