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Monthly Newsletter of June, 2016.
(Issue # 194)

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Until further notice, there will be no more emailing out of Newsletters. I have not been able to find a reasonably priced program that does the mailing and advise me when some emails addresses are no longer valid. There are many programs, over $100.00 US ($135.00 Canadian), that make all kinds of promises but none will allow you to test their program. There are also many programs that advertise that they are free until such time as you have downloaded the program, only to find out they are liars and the program does not work unless you pay for it. We live in a dishonest world and I am not prepared to spend money on a program that cannot be tested.

If you happen to know of a reasonable priced program that would meet our need, please let me know. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

June 30, 2016


During June, 2016, I added only 5 new "Frequently Asked Questions" (F.A.Q.).  Catholic Doors 
Ministry now has 1404 F.A.Q. to answer all your questions regarding the Catholic faith.  The 
new questions and answers are on the following subjects:

A Pulpit, Lectern, Or Ambo?
Gender Idiology,
Presenting the Homily as a Priest or a Friend?
The 12 Promises Of The Sacred Heart,
The Tabernacle Lamp.

The above subjects can be read at:  


During June, I compiled a list of Catholic Church articles that should be known to most of 
the faithful.  That includes the vestments, Church furniture, Sacramentals, resource 
material, etc... The name of the file is called:

What Is It Called?

You can view the file at:



During the month, I added 42 Novenas and 5 prayers.  The website now has a total of 3616 
different prayers for all occassions.  The new additions consist of:

Anniversary of Priestly Ordination,
Annunciation Novena,
Assumption Novena,
Christ the King Novena,
Christmas Novena,
Divine Mercy Novena,
Immaculate Conception Novena,
Immaculate Heart of Mary Novena,
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Novena,
Novena for Pope Benedict,
Novena for the Papal Conclave,
Novena for the Persecuted Church and Religious Freedom,
Novena Of The Holy Spirit,
Novena Of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Novena To Fulton Sheen,
Novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots,
Novena To Saint Anne,
Novena To Saint Anthony,
Novena To Saint Augustine,
Novena To Saint Catherine Of Siena,
Novena To Saint Dymphna,
Novena To Saint Francis,
Novena To Saint Gerard,
Novena To Saint Gianna Beretta Molla,
Novena To Saint Joan Of Arc,
Novena To Saint John Bosco,
Novena To Saint Joseph, Husband Of Mary,
Novena To Saint Jude,
Novena To Saint Maximilian Kolbe,
Novena To Saint Michael The Archangel,
Novena To Saint Monica,
Novena To Mother Teresa,
Novena To Saint Padre Pio,
Novena To Saint Peregrine,
Novena To Saint Philip Neri,
Novena To Saint Philomena,
Novena To Saint Terese,
Novena to the Mother of God for the Nation,
Our Lady of Guadalupe Novena,
Our Lady of Lourdes Novena,
Our Lady of Sorrows Novena,
St. Andrew Christmas Novena.

Prayers to...

St Anthony To Recover A Lost Child,
St Anthony To Recover A Stolen Item,
St Anthony To Recover Access To A Biological Child,
St Anthony To Recover Access To A Godchild,
St Anthony To Recover From An Illness.

The above subjects can be read at:  


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