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Monthly Newsletter of May, 2016.
(Issue # 193)

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ,

In the hours to come, we, members of the holy Catholic Church, shall enter into a new phase in the spiritual body of Almighty God that overflows with both, Divine brotherly love and pure motherly love. Invited by adoption into the Divine dwelling of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we will once again experience the pure motherly love of the Immaculate Heart Of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

What other satisfaction can we possibly desire when our souls shall be numbered among those who partake in the fullness of the godly family? Because of our adoption as brothers and sisters in Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary was obligated to adopt us as her children. You could not receive one adoption without receiving the other. Two adoptions you shall receive!

This coming month of June shall go down in the history of the Church as another month of mercy in which the graces of God were bestowed upon the many who have a special devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Perfect mercy can only be manifested after it has been learned from the Divine Mercy of Jesus, through Mary.

Oh Jesus, Divine Mercy, bestow upon us the grace that will make us shine in Your glory so Your Divine Will may be manifested throughout the universe. We praise You Jesus, we glorify you, now and forever.

In the abounding love of the Two Hearts,

Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

May 31, 2016


A dozen new "Frequently Asked Questions" (F.A.Q.) were added to the website during 
the past month.  Catholic Doors Ministry now has 1399 F.A.Q. to answer all 
your questions regarding the Catholic faith.  The new questions and answers are on 
the following subjects:

Baptism Classes,
Genuflecting Before The Tabernacle,
Godparent Day,
Godparent That You Do Not Want,
Guardian Angels,
"Honorary" Godparents,
Lady Month,
Once A Godparent, Always A Godparent,
The Guardian Angel Of Jesus,
The Liturgy Of The Eucharist,
The Liturgy Of The Word, and
When You Receive The Baptism Certificate.

The above subjects can be read at:  


During the month, I added 13 new homilies to the website.   They can be reviewed at the 
link below by clicking on it:

Jun 03, 2016; The Most Sacred Heart Of Jesus,
Jun 04, 2016; The Immaculate Heart Of The Blessed Virgin Mary,
Jun 05, 2016; 10 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Jun 12, 2016; 11 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Jun 19, 2016; 12 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Jun 24, 2016; The Nativity Of Saint John The Baptist,
Jun 26, 2016; 13 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Jul 03, 2016; 14 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Jul 10, 2016; 15 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Jul 17, 2016; 16 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Jul 24, 2016; 17 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Jul 26, 2016; Feasts Of St. Anne And St. Joachim, and
Jul 31, 2016; 18 th Sunday In Ordinary Time.


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