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Monthly Newsletter of March, 2016.
(Issue # 191)

Dear elected children of Jesus,

While all are called to receive the gift of salvation, not all are saved. If one does not respond to the Divine call of following Jesus and serving Him in accordance with His Divine Will, then that person forfeits his salvation.

Last month, in my newsletter, I made reference to the need of the missionary priests, especially those in India. My reference, having been made during Lent, a time of prayer, fasting, sacrifice and almsgiving, would have led one to expect a response from many of the hundreds of members who are subscribed to the Catholic Doors Ministry newsletter. Unfortunately, only 3 persons responded, donating $ 112.00 to the needy Catholic priests of India. This total amount of $112.00 is the lowest total amount of donations/Mass stipends that I have ever collected in a month during the past two years. It saddens me to see how so many do not care about the hardship of Catholic priests who live on an income of only $3.50 per day. Surely, these Catholic cannot be among the elect of Jesus. For they are not answering the calling to serve and build the Church throughout the world.

This month, I will pray that the Holy Spirit will touch and transform the heart of each one of you, that your eyes may perceive the hardship of our Catholic missionary priests who have learned to suffer alone in the poorest of the poor countries in the world.

When a poor mother comes to a priest and begs him for financial assistance to buy medicine for her sick/dying child, what will the priest answer? It depends on you and you alone!

In the love of Jesus and Mary,

Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

March 30, 2016


I added 21 new "Frequently Asked Questions" (F.A.Q.) during the month of March, 2016.
Catholic Doors Ministry now enjoys 1368 F.A.Q. regarding the Catholic faith.  The 
new questions and answers are on the following subjects:

Absolute Impediments.
Biblical References To Homosexuality.
Canonical Impediment.
Christmas Gift Exchanges.
Devotions To Mary.
Diriment Impediments.
Divine Law Impediments.
Eastern Catholic Churches.
Ecclesiastical Impediments.
Liturgical Changes.
Occult Impediments.
Permanent Impediments.
Pope John Paul II On Salvation.
Prohibitive (Impedient) Impediments.
Public Impediments.
Relative Impediments.
Simple Impediments.
Temporary Impediments.
The Soul Being Genderless.
Three O'clock AM.

The above subjects can be found at:  


5 new homilies were added to the website during the month of March, 2016.  They can be 
viewed by clicking on the link below the following list:

Apr 03, 2016; 2 nd Sunday Of Easter,
Apr 04, 2016; The Annunciation Of The Lord,
Apr 10, 2016; 3 rd Sunday Of Easter,
Apr 17, 2016; 4 th Sunday Of Easter,
Apr 24, 2016; 5 th Sunday Of Easter.


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