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Monthly Newsletter of June, 2015.
(Issue # 182)

Dear faithful souls of the Lord,

Last month, I shared with you that the Irish people, a large portion of them being Catholics, voted in favour of same-sex marriage for their country. A few days ago, a similar situation took place in the United States when the Supreme Court declared that gay marriage is now legal across the US.

Many were outraged, such as in Alabama where 81 percent of the people believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. The condition of the world has changed to the extent that the beliefs of a handful, some of those beliefs being perverted, are forced upon the majority of the population. The media is playing a large role in this matter, whereas it is constantly falsely reporting that with the passing years, the attitude of the population has changed and most of the people have come to accept gay marriage as a right.

No one has ever asked me my opinion on the matter. Nor do I know anyone who's opinion has been asked on this matter.

Today, more than ever, Christians must unite and become involved in politics in order to remove the politicians and Judges who are corrupting society, in order to reverse the laws that are abominations to God. There is a time to talk and a time to act. Now is the time to act! Your failure to do so makes you a lukewarm Christian who will never enter the gates of Heaven. Either you are with Jesus or you are against Him!

For those of you who remain faithful to the ways of God, let us unite our prayers for the rising of Saints who will take on the challenge of rehabilitating the world to the Christian way. For without the light of God, the world is doomed.

May the grace of God shine on you and your loved ones in the coming days.

Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

June 30, 2015


20 more "Frequently Asked Questions" (F.A.Q.) were added to the website
during the month.   Catholic Doors Ministry now enjoys 1209 F.A.Q. regarding the 
Catholic faith.  The new questions and answers are related to:

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During June, 5 homilies were uploaded to the website.  They may be viewed by 
clicking on the link below the list of dates and homilies:

Jul 05, 2015; 14 th Sunday In Ordinary Time.
Jul 12, 2015; 15 th Sunday In Ordinary Time.
Jul 19, 2015; 16 th Sunday In Ordinary Time
Jul 26, 2015; 17 th Sunday In Ordinary Time.
Aug 02, 2015; 18 th Sunday In Ordinary Time.


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