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Monthly Newsletter of February, 2015.
(Issue # 178)

Lenten Greetings to all members of the Church of Christ,

The Holy Season of Lent has begun! For 40 days (excluding Sundays), as we prepare ourselves to celebrate the Paschal Mystery of Christ, we are reminded to pray, to do penance, to give up all sweets, to share our wealth with the needy and the Church, and to fast by giving up our love for meat dishes on Fridays. This time frame of sacrifices serves to sanctify the soul so it may experience spiritual growth in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Nobody said it would be easy. It was not meant to be easy. If it was easy, it would not be a sacrifice of self-denial.

Making a sacrifice is not limited to the denial of worldly things. A sacrifice can be made by changing one's attitude towards others. If we are to focus on Jesus, then we have to act as Jesus would act if He was present here on earth today.

Recent actions of Pope Francis provides us with great examples of charitable acts that we can perform during the Lenten Season in order to change our attitude towards others. Consider selling or donating articles of value that you have around the house if those items are no longer being used. While they are of no benefit to you, they may be useful to the poor.

Consider buying and donating a sleeping bag to a homeless person who surely sleeps in the cold at times. Or you may consider taking a homeless person to the Barber Shop and paying for his haircut.

If you are involved in a group that discriminates or belong to a gang, consider separating yourself from such activities. During Lent, it is a perfect time to respect those who are different in their sexual orientation by continuing to pray for them and being non-judgmental towards them. It is for God alone to judge those who choose a lifestyle that opposes the teachings of the Church.

With these examples, I leave you in the hope that some of you shall take up the spiritual challenge to reach out to those who are unfortunate. By your loving actions, you will accumulate treasures in Heaven so that on Judgment Day, the Lord God may rejoice in the beauty of your soul that shall shine like the sun.

In the infinite love of Jesus,


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

February 28, 2015


During February, 2015, seventeen Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) were added on to 
the website.   Catholic Doors Ministry now enjoys 1141 F.A.Q. regarding the 
Catholic faith.  The new questions and answers are related to:

Assisted Suicide,
Battered Spouses,
Do Angels Have Wings?
"In Jesus' Name, I Pray",
Marriage While Pregnant,
Pray To The Father Or The Son?
The Best Place To Pray,
The Church Attendance Of The Spouse,
The Halo,
The Wearing Of A Short Wedding Dress When Pregnant,
When Killing Is Murder,
Who Can Bless?



During February, 2015, 10 homilies were uploaded on the website.  All of them 
were for the month of March.  What follows is the list of homilies:

Mar 01, 2015; 2 nd Sunday Of Lent,
Mar 08, 2015; 3 rd Sunday Of Lent,
Mar 08, 2015; 3 rd Sunday Of Lent - Christian Initiation: 1 St Scrutiny,
Mar 15, 2015; 4 th Sunday Of Lent,
Mar 15, 2015; 4 th Sunday Of Lent - Christian Initiation: 2 nd Scrutiny,
Mar 19, 2015; Solemnity Of St. Joseph,
Mar 22, 2015; 5 th Sunday Of Lent,
Mar 22, 2015; 5 th Sunday Of Lent - Christian Initiation: 3 rd Scrutiny,
Mar 25, 2015; Annunciation Of The Lord, and
Mar 29, 2015; Passion (Palm) Sunday.

The following link will take you to those homilies:


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