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Monthly Newsletter of December, 2014.
(Issue # 176)

Greetings to all in the Most Holy Name of Jesus,

Another year is coming to an end. As with nature, the calendar year must come to an end during the Winter so there may be a rebirth in Spring, a rebirth that will be greater and most glorious.

The Lord said, "so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and succeed in the thing for which I sent it." [Is. 55:11] Accordingly, the promise of the Lord is that 2015 shall be greater than 2014 as far as the growth of the Catholic Church is concerned.

Catholic Doors Ministry is grateful to the Lord for all the graces that it has received during the past year. The ministry has flourished in many ways, not only in receiving, but also in giving to others for the purpose of evangelizing.

The Holy Spirit is Great, He has guided this humble work in many ways for the glory of the Heavenly Father. I thank God for looking down upon this spiritual work. I thank the Lord for sending the thousands of daily visitors to this ministry. I pray that all the sparks of grace that He has implanted in the hearts of many during 2014, that they may flourish gloriously in the years to come. For God is great, now and forever!

Thank you to everyone for the fruitful year.


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

December 30, 2014


During October, I added 24 new "Frequently Asked Questions" (F.A.Q.) to the 
website.  The website presently has a treasure of 1111 Questions and Answers related
to the Catholic faith.  The new F.A.Q. are:

Abortion Insurance Coverage,
Abstinence From Byproducts,
Communion of Non-Catholics At Catholic Weddings,
Did Jesus Die For Non-Christians?,
Homilies By Lay Persons,
Images Of The Saints,
Lying Exceptions,
Meat In Catholic Restaurants On Days Of Abstinence,
"Mission" Defined,
Multiple Godmothers,
Religious Retreats,
The Apostles' Creed,
The Birth Of Mary,
The Definition Of "Praying",
The Holy Orders In The Orthodox Church,
The Incorruptibles,
The Mass: Non-Catholic Participants,
The Nicene Creed,
The Pope As Bishop of Rome,
The Priesthood By Online Ordinations,
The Purpose Of Religious Orders,
The Sainthood Of Non-Catholics,
The Three Sins Of The Media,



During the past month, 5 homilies were uploaded to the website.  They are:

Jan 03, 2015; The Most Holy Name Of Jesus,
Jan 11, 2015; Baptism Of The Lord Jesus,
Jan 18, 2015; 2nd Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Jan 25, 2015; 3rd Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Feb 01, 2015; 4th Sunday In Ordinary Time.

The following link will take you to those free homilies:


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