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Monthly Newsletter of November, 2014.
(Issue # 175)

Dear children of the Lord Almighty,

Evangelizing comes in many forms! By the simple action of distributing pamphlets related to teachings of the Catholic Church, you are evangelizing. When your good works are the fruit of your faith, then you have come to understand the true meaning of salvation.

This year, Catholic Doors Ministry has been distributing free pamphlets that are published by the "Catholic Information Service" of the Knights of Columbus in New Haven, CT, USA. [See www.kofc.org/cis] These pamphlets are available for pennies.

Two excellent pamphlets are "A Guide to Confession" and "A Guide to Praying the Rosary." Costing only .03 and .05 cents each, you can purchase hundreds of these and distribute them in your parish. The pamphlets are professionally written in simple English. These are worth having in your collection of spiritual material. They are also excellent material to distribute in the Catholic High Schools.

Over and above being available in English, the two aforementioned pamphlets are also available in the French and Spanish languages. This allows you to reach out to even more Catholics.

I strongly encourage you to visit the Knights of Columbus website of their International Office and to order some of the material that they distribute for the spiritual growth of the family members.

May the Holy Spirit guide you in the implementation of good works, all for the glory of the Heavenly Father.


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

November 30, 2014


During October, I added 12 new "Frequently Asked Questions" (F.A.Q.) to the 
website.  The website presently has a treasure of 1087 Questions and Answers related
to the Catholic faith.  The new F.A.Q. are:

Faith and works,
Five heavenly rewards, 
Gift of counsel,
Gift of fear,
Gift of Fortitude,
Gift of Knowledge,
Gift of Piety,
Gift of understanding,
Salvation, are you saved? and
Salvation, definition of.



During November, 12 homilies were uploaded to the website.  These homilies 
belong to the new liturgical year. They are:

Nov 30, 2014; First Sunday of Advent.
Dec 07, 2014; Second Sunday of Advent.
Dec 08, 2014; Immaculate Conception Of Mary.
Dec 12, 2014; Our Lady Of Guadalupe.
Dec 14, 2014; Third Sunday of Advent.
Dec 21, 2014; Fourth Sunday of Advent.
Dec 24, 2014; Christmas - Mass During The Night.
Dec 25, 2014; Christmas - Mass At Dawn.
Dec 25, 2014; Christmas - Mass During The Day.
Dec 28, 2014; Holy Family.
Jan 01, 2015; The Solemnity Of Mary, The Holy Mother Of God.
Jan 04, 2015; Epiphany Of The Lord.

The following link will take you to those free homilies:


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