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Monthly Newsletter of December, 2013.
(Issue # 164)

Dear promoters and defenders of the Catholic faith,

As the world ages, it increases in sinful behaviours. While Christians are guided by the Ten Commandments of God, the worldly are guided by the Charter of Rights. We are in an age where the rights of the minority rules over the rights of the majority. Behaviours against the Commandments of God have become the norm, abortion, same-sex marriage, gay adoption, the legalizing of prostitution, perverted sex education in the schools, the rights of children to threaten their parents who seek to discipline them, multiple marriage partners, common-law relationships, and the list goes on. What are we teaching our children who were once protected as the "innocent little ones" of society?

What chance do our children have of preserving their innocence when they are surrounded by a corrupt environment? In some cases, it is the home environment where alcohol, drug, physical, psychological and sexual abuses are flourishing. Then there is peer pressure, the immoralities found on the internet, the liberties found in the education system, be it as a result of the curriculum or the teachers.

In the midst of all this, where are the godparents who promised to assist the parents in raising their children in the faith? Most godparents, when they are needed the most, disappear after a few years. Some godparents move away. Some of them, their relationship come to an end with the parents. Others have abandonned their faith or embraced a different religion. Whatever the reason, they have faded away from the life of the children that they promised to God to raise in the faith.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, in the coming year, let us pray for the needs of our children. Let us promote Divine morals that sanctify the dignity of the person. Let us defend our faith, especially in the Catholic environment, to ensure that our children shall grow up to become law abiding citizens who enjoy the highest of morals.

May God's blessings descend continually upon you all during the New Year.


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

December 31, 2013


I added 19 Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) during December, 
2013.  The website now enjoys 899 F.A.Q.  The new subjects are:

Abraham "Our Father In Faith",
Candle burning,
Catholic Feasts on Pagan Dates,
"He Descended Into Hell",
Marriage Defined,
The Baptism Of The Dead,
The Captivity Letters,
The Conscience,
The Meaning Of Abba
The Meaning Of Anathema,
The Meaning Of Anointing With Oil, 
The Meaning Of Abomination Of Desolation,
The Word Cenacle,
The Word Eschatology,
The Word Gehenna, 

You can view the aforementioned Frequently Asked Questions at:



During December, 2013, I added 6 homilies for the month of 
January, 2014.  They are: 

Jan 01, 2013; Mary, The Holy Mother Of God,
Jan 03, 2013; The Most Holy Name Of Jesus,
Jan 05, 2013; Epiphany Of The Lord,
Jan 12, 2013; Baptism Of The Lord,
Jan 19, 2013; 2nd Sunday In Ordinary Time, and
Jan 26, 2013; 3rd Sunday In Ordinary Time.

The homilies can be viewed at:


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