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Monthly Newsletter of November, 2013.
(Issue # 163)

Dear friends in Jesus,

The sky is falling! I remember when I was young, some of the older children used to try and scare my friends and me by telling us that the sky was falling. In our tender innocence, we literally visualized the sky falling and the arrival of the end of the world.

Today, considering the words "The sky is falling" is better understood to mean "The world is falling apart." But what does "The world is falling apart" mean? Can the world be falling apart for some while it is not falling apart for others? Certainly! It all depends on one's set of beliefs.

Let us take for an example the alleged apparitions at Medjugorje. If the Vatican were to proclaim that it does not believe that apparitions ever took place at Medjugorge, for many, for thousands and thousands, that would be a blow to their misguided belief. Their world would fall apart. Some will recover and some will not. Some will accept the decision of the Church and some will not accept it, all depending on the influence of Satan upon each soul.

I myself have always rejected the alleged apparitions of Medjugorje. This has not been a secret for the past 15 years. I have publicly renounced Medjugorje on my website. At the time, I was the only one who dared to challenge the alleged apparitions. Consequently, many wrote to me and cursed me. I was told I would go to hell for going against the work of the Virgin Mary. And I was told many other things that I would not repeat here. In time, many other websites have come to believe that Medjugorje is just a scam. They all provided their individual reasons as to why the alleged apparitions of Medjugorge, a source of division in the Catholic Church, could not be of God.

On November 14, 2013, during his homily, his holiness Pope Francis I stated, “But I know a visionary, who receives letters from Our Lady, messages from Our Lady”. And the Pope commented: “But, look, Our Lady is the Mother of everyone! And she loves all of us. She is not a postmaster, sending messages every day.”

Wow! What a powerful statement! Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, is not a postmaster. She does not send daily messages. Yet three of the alleged six seers of Medjugorje claim that they still receive apparitions every day. The Pope's condemnation of daily messages is exactly what I have been saying for 15 years. I have condemned Medjugorje for this exact reason. This past month, the Pope affirmed his position on this matter, his position being in harmony with what I have been saying for the past decade and a half.

Three weeks earlier, on October 21, 2013, at the direction of the Vatican's head for doctrine, the Apostolic Nuncio (note: this is the Pope's Ambassador) to the United states wrote a letter to Monsignor Ronny Jenkins, the General Secretary of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, for distribution through America. In it, he stated that Catholics “are not permitted” to participate in meetings which take for granted that the supposed Marian apparitions in Medjugorje are credible. This statement was intended to stop the alleged visionary Ivan Dragicevic from travelling all in the United States and speaking in Catholic Churches regarding his alleged personal experienced which many viewed as being divinely guided. The faithful were asked to refrain from events whereby apparitions are presented as an authenticated happening.

On April 10, 1991, the Yugoslav Episcopal Conference adopted a declaration that in part said, "On the base of studies made so far, it cannot be affirmed that these matters concern supernatural apparitions or revelations."

Following these two events that are intended to keep the faithful on the right track in their lifelong spiritual journey, there have been all kinds of reactions. Some have accepted the guidance of the Church. Some have rejected it. And many have found pleasure in trying to twist what was said, indicating that it could have actually meant something else. "White" is no longer "white." To them, "white" is "grey." In their sinful spirit of pride, they have chosen to plug their ears to the truth.

As I said above, "The sky is falling." In this special time, many need our prayers because they are having difficulty accepting that their Marian beliefs may not be according to the teachings of the Catholic Church. They fear that the Vatican may officially pronounce itself against Medjugorje. If such comes to past, let us all accept the wisdom of the Catholic Church in total humility.


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

November 30, 2013


During November, 2013, fourteen new Frequently Asked Questions 
were added to the website.  You now have a choice of 880 F.A.Q. 
to choose from for your spiritual growth in the teachings of the 
Catholic Church.  The new additions to the current list of topics

Altar Server Qualifications,
Body Donation,
Catholic Fund-Raising Online,
Fasting During Pregnancy,
Mass And Electronic Devices,
Pet Affections,
RCIA For Seniors,
Sign Of The Cross With The Left Hand,
Small And Large Sins,
The Composition Of Holy Oils, and
The Scrutinies.

You can view the aforementioned Frequently Asked Questions at:



During November, I uploaded 11 homilies to the website in the 
homilies directory.  These homilies close off year 2013.

Dec 01, 2013; 1 St Sunday Of Advent,
Dec 08, 2013; 2 nd Sunday Of Advent,
Dec 09, 2013; Immaculate Conception,
Dec 12, 2013; Our Lady Of Guadalupe,
Dec 15, 2013; 3 rd Sunday Of Advent,
Dec 22, 2013; 4 th Sunday Of Advent,
Dec 24, 2013; Christmas Vigil,
Dec 25, 2013; Christmas - Mass During The Night,
Dec 25, 2013; Christmas - Mass At Dawn,
Dec 25, 2013; Christmas - Mass During The Day, and
Dec 29, 2013; Holy Family.

These homilies can be viewed at:


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