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Monthly Newsletter of November, 2012.
(Issue # 151)

Dear friends in Jesus,

What is faith? I am told that "doubt" is the opposite of faith. I am also told that faith is a "conviction" or "assurance" of something. Faith is a firm belief in something or someone that has not been seen. While I have never seen Jesus, I believe in the existence of Jesus.

The Apostles saw Jesus. As such, they did not possess the faith that we enjoy. They believed in the existence of Jesus because they saw Him. They personally knew Him. We have not seen, yet we believe. Such is faith!

This past month, I was reading "Faith makes all things possible." In other words, what is impossible through our human efforts, it is possible through Divine intervention.

When I was young, I was reminded over and over to trust in Divine Providence for all of my needs. In other words, "Trust in Jesus!"

I guess the sayings, "Faith makes all things possible." and "Trust in Jesus!" both mean the same thing. They are simply expressed in different words. Through pure faith in Jesus, our daily needs are provided. "Pure faith" means total confidence in Jesus. Through faith in Jesus, basic financial needs are provided. Health is restored. Protestants convert to the Catholic faith without fear of hostilities from family and friends. And the list goes on.

Faith is a gift of God. He who seeks God, he receives the gift of faith so he may continue his spiritual journey towards the Lord Jesus Christ. This month, let us take a moment to reflect on the type of faith that we enjoy. Is it the kind of faith that makes Jesus proud of us? If not, let us ask God to send His Spirit upon us and bless us with the faith that is absolutely necessary to become saints in Christ.

Wishing you all a very joyful Christmas and many more to come. Remember the message of Christmas: it is all about Jesus coming into the word for you and me. Happy Birthday Jesus!


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

November 30, 2012


During November, 2012, I only had the opportunity to add 3 new 
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) because of the new Ordo
that demanded my attention at the earliest convenience.  With 
the new additions, you now have a choice of 662 F.A.Q. to read.  
The new topics are:

The Different Types Of Catechism.
The Easter Date.
The Fathers Of The Church.

You can view the aforementioned Frequently Asked Questions at:



November saw the closing of the 2011-2012 liturgical year.
As such, the new homilies are associated with the new liturgical 
calendar.  Eleven homilies were added during November.  They are:

Dec 02, 2012; First Sunday Of Advent,
Dec 08, 2012; Immaculate Conception,
Dec 09, 2012; Second Sunday Of Advent,
Dec 12, 2012; Our Lady Of Guadalupe,
Dec 16, 2012; Third Sunday Of Advent,
Dec 23, 2012; Fourth Sunday Of Advent,
Dec 24, 2012; Christmas: Vigil Mass,
Dec 25, 2012; Christmas: Mass During The Night,
Dec 25, 2012; Christmas: Mass At Dawn,
Dec 25, 2012; Christmas: Mass During The Day,
Dec 30, 2012; Holy Family.

All these homilies can be viewed at:



I started adding the monthly liturgical calendars for 
Year C that is associated with 2012-2013.  The 
following months have been completed.  The remaining 
work shall be completed during the first week of 
December, 2012.

Liturgical Calendar for September, 2013,
Liturgical Calendar for August, 2013,
Liturgical Calendar for July, 2013,
Liturgical Calendar for June, 2013,
Liturgical Calendar for May, 2013,
Liturgical Calendar for April, 2013,
Liturgical Calendar for March, 2013,
Liturgical Calendar for February, 2013,
Liturgical Calendar for January, 2013, and
Liturgical Calendar for December, 2012.

You may view the liturgical calendars at:



In the prayers section of the website, I have added three 
new prefaces.  They are:

Preface of All Saints.
Preface of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King Of The Universe.
Preface of The Dedication Of Lateran Basilica.

You can read these prefaces at:


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