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Monthly Newsletter of July, 2012.
(Issue # 147)

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Greetings in the Name of the Lord. Free ebooks! Indeed, why buy a book if you can read it off the internet for free? "Ebooks" or "electronic books" are book-length publications in digital form, consisting of the text and images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable on computers or other electronic devices.

The internet possesses a rich collection of spiritual ebooks. Some websites are strictly set up for Catholic ebooks. Others have a mixture of material, some of it while classified as "Christian," it is not recommended to Catholics. Their content is not in harmony with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

During the past month, I have reviewed a number of websites and selected nine of them that I found to be suitable for Catholics. See the link below to the webpage on my website for ebooks. On that webpage, I have listed hundreds of Catholic ebooks that are found on those 9 websites. I encourage you all to review the list. I am sure that at least one ebook will draw your attention. And if you like it, save it on your computer for future access.

I pray that as the Summer Season progresses, all my Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ continue to uphold their faith in accordance with the teachings of the Church. If one enjoys a holiday from work, it is not a holiday from one's Sunday obligation. If one is traveling to foreign lands, there is an obligation to make an effort to find and attend a Catholic Church. This is even more important if you children are present with you. As parents, you are a role model to your children. If going to Church is not important to you during holidays, then do not expect them to go to Church when they grow up. Your example will set the path to their spiritual lives.

Enjoy your Summer and may the grace of the Lord always be with you,


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

July 31, 2012


The website now has links to a series of websites that offer free ebooks on 
Catholic subjects.  You will love some of these topics.

9 Lists of EBooks.  Hundreds of ebooks!

You will find the links on the following webpage:



The website now has 615 Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.).  Seven
new F.A.Q. were added during July.  They were:

Anointing Of The Forehead At Confirmation
Baptism By Desire
The Effects Of Confirmation
The Meaning of XP
The Nuptial Mass
The Sacraments Of The Dead
What Is The Sacrament Of Baptism?

You can view the Frequently Asked Questions at:



The following 8 homilies were uploaded onto the website during July:

Aug 05, 2012; 18 th Sunday In Ordinary Time.
Aug 06, 2012; Transfiguration Of The Lord.
Aug 12, 2012; 19 th Sunday In Ordinary Time.
Aug 15, 2012; Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary.
Aug 19, 2012; 20 th Sunday In Ordinary Time.
Aug 22, 2012; Queenship Of Mary.
Aug 26, 2012; 21 st Sunday In Ordinary Time.
Aug 29, 2012; Passion Of John The Baptist.

You may view the homilies at the following link:



Three more Prefaces were added to the website during the month.
The website now enjoys 3,486 different prayers.  The new Prefaces are:

Preface of John The Baptist.
Preface of The Assumption.
Preface of The Transfiguration Of The Lord.

Please go to the following link to view the Prefaces:


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