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Monthly Newsletter of May, 2012.
(Issue # 145)

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

As the month of Mary (May) comes to an end, we are now entering the month of Jesus (June) in which is found the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, its celebration being on June 15th. The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus reminds us of the love of God. It is a time to reflect on the many ways in which Divine love has been showered upon us. It is a time to reflect on how we shared with others the love that we have received from God. It is a time to put into practice the true meaning of love, even undo death as Christ died on the Holy Cross for us.

During the month of May, I added a number of webpages on the website, each one containing spiritual material that should benefit your spiritual growth for the glory of God.

If you have a love for Novenas, especially new ones, I have added 14 new Novenas to the website during the past month. Please see the list below.

With the arrival of the warmer season of the year, I pray that you and your loved ones shall have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. There is so much beauty to see in all of God's creations, the flowers, the sunsets, the wildlife, everything that we find around us. Have a great Summer!

May the joy and peace of the Lord always reign in your lives.


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

May 31, 2012


The website now has 607 Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.).  I added 
4 new ones during the past month.  They are:

Sins Against Charity,
Sins Against Faith,
Sins Against Hope, and
What Is Confession?

You can view the Frequently Asked Questions at:



Six homilies were uploaded to the website during the month of May.  They are:

Jun 03, 2012; The Most Holy Trinity,
Jun 10, 2012; The Body And Blood Of Christ,
Jun 15, 2012; The Most Sacred Heart Of Jesus,
Jun 16, 2012; The Immaculate Heart Of Mary,
Jun 17, 2012; 11 th Sunday In Ordinary Time, and
Jun 24, 2012; Birth Of John The Baptist.

You may view the homilies at the following link:



Novena For The Dead,
Novena To Our Lady Of Perpetual Help,
Novena For Pentecost # 2,
Novena For The Church Of Ireland,
Novena Prayer For Any Necessity,
Novena To The Risen Jesus,
Novena In Reparation For Offenses Against Life,
Novena To Our Lady Of America,
Novena For Life To Our Lady Of Guadalupe,
Novena For Church Unity,
Corpus Christi Novena,
Novena For Pope Benedict XVI,
Novena Of The 24 Glory Be To The Father, and
Novena To Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Please go to the following link to view the Novenas:


6 Prefaces were added to the website during May, 2012.
The website now has 3,459 assorted prayers.  The new Prefaces are:

Preface of John The Baptist,
Preface of Saints Peter and Paul,
Preface of The Holy Martyrs II,
Preface of The Holy Trinity,
Preface of The Most Holy Eucharist II, and
Preface of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus.

Please go to the following link to view the Prefaces:


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